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#EndSARS Protest: A Wake-Up Call,Says ArchBishop Ndagoso

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

The Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, Most Rev. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso has said that the recent # EndSARS protests is a Wake-Up Call by young people to those in Authority to begin to do things differently in the country

According to him,the protests by the young people was well intended,except for reported hijack,noting that,it represented the position of the largest youth population of people in the country, expressing that things cannot continue to be as it if the country must move forward.

He then called on them to remain focused and calm and eshew violence, while calling on government to sit-up in meeting their needs and the country at large.

He made this known to Journalists during the Ordination of 7 priests by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna at St Dominic’s Parish,Ungwan Pama,Kaduna on Thursday,where he hoped that lessons of the EndSARS protests are not wished away by those who sincerely care about this country

He said” except for the hijack which unfortunately we hear is planned by people,whoever, but,I think it has sent a clear message to the establishment”

He said what has happened is that “they young people have told us that we must wake up,that we cannot continue to do things the way we’ve been doing them,I an happy myself that our Young people have come to the stage that they have had enough

“What a lot of us in the last 20-30years have been afraid to speak out,these young people have been able to do. I salute their courage and I hope that, we including myself in the establishment,I hope we have listened and picked lessons that it cannot be business as usual

” l don’t think Nigeria Will be the same,it is my belief and I call on the young people to be focused “he reiterated

Pointing out the future is theirs,because the old generation of leaders will soon give way”but these young people have the whole hope to go and it is their future that we are toying with,that is why the are behaving the way they are behaving

” and therefore, we call on government and all of us who belong to the establishment that we must wake up.l have spoken to young people since this thing started many times to eshew violence and continue if the want to do their peaceful protests,it should be done

” and I think, we need to sit-up, the government must sit-up all of us that belong to the establishment must sit-up, I don’t think, I repeat,that it cannot be business as usual because every body is shaken:

He further stated that “if the statistics are correct that 65℅ of the people in the country are youth below 35years,then,this country belong to them and therefore, if a Nigerian lady can win election in America,why Nigerians can excel outside and cannot here;simply because the opportunity is not given to them.

He further lamented the scourge of corruption in the country,saying “people are dying while others are having monies the don’t know what to do with, those who have stolen if the have established industries in the country ,I think if you remove stolen money in Europe their economy will collapse

” I think,it is their God given opportunity for Nigerians to express themselves especially the young people,we pray especially that those trying to hijack they will soon be pushed aside so that the noble intention of the protests should not be subsumed.

Earlier, he called on the newly ordained priests and others to strive for faithfulness not success, that they are called to be another Christ,so they are called to faithfulness not success,adding that,faithfulness can lead to success but success cannot lead to faithfulness”he maintained


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