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The Adjutant of the Catholic Cadets of Nigeria,Kaduna North Deanery, Archdiocese of Kaduna, Mr John Luka has taken former Miss Gladys Matthew to be his lawful wedded wife in the most celebrated wedding in Kaduna in recent times.

The wedding Mass was officiated by Rev,Fr Moses Ogbogi, Rev.Fr. Joshua Achir and Rev. Fr. Daniel Magaji, at St Paul’s Parish Ungwan Rimi,Kaduna on Saturday.

In his message to the couple, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Joshua Yima Achir,admonished them to make their marriage work,adding that “time and again,we’ve seen people deceiving other people in the name of marriage and then at the end you hear ‘this marriage is a scam, you hear people say ‘Father! this marriage is not working’ we wouldn’t want to hear that”he warned

According to him” Looking at the calibre of persons who have come to witness this marriage;so they should know that, this marriage lies on the shoulders of the two of them;both of them are responsible for each other,so they must try to ensure that this marriage works and then shame those who feel that it will not work “he added

Earlier,the chief celebrant,Associate priest of St Lawrence’s Catholic church, Koron Tsohuwa, Rev.Fr Moses Ogboji,during his homily harped on the need for the couple to centre their marriage on love, patience and endurance,” most especially,it has to be rapped-up with fervent prayer to God to enable them to enjoy His grace,so as to continue in their marital life”

Speaking further,he made it clear to them and sundry to understand that there’s a striking difference between wedding and marriage” wedding is just a day while marriage is for a lifetime, but most times they are bothered with the preparation for wedding

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“and do not know the fact that they are supposed to prepare for marriage and that is where the spiritual and moral aspects of it are usually left-out of their preparation,while they focus on the physical preparation” he reiterated

The Sponsors,Mr and Mrs Godson Anave,maintained that patience is the key word for lasting and workable marriage. According to Mr Godson,” patience, simply patience and nothing else adding ‘its like working for your salvation, you work for yourself,learn to control yourself and be be humble

“respect your spouse and be patient with him or her that’s the only way;smile always and be happy in good and in bad times,with that your marriage will go years and years” he maintained.

On his part,the groom, Cadet Adjutant John Luka,while thanking God for a day like this in his life said” I feel excited,am so happy that God has joined us together, I honestly, pray that God will keep us together all the days if our lives.”

Describing his wife, he said” She’s the kind of person for me,she has good character,She’s just unique, nice, hardworking and God fearing as well”he stressed

In the same vein,the bride, Mrs Gladys John,feels excited too according to her,the day came to her as a dream”its just like a dream, so am really happy about this day,I love this day and I will never forget it in my life ”

And on why her husband ?” l can’t say because there’s no reason for love, if there’s reason then there will be reason for us not to be together;so I just love him unconditionally, i just love him,for no reasons .She described him,saying “he’s the most precious and loving person I have ever met in my life” she averred

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The celebration had colourful entertainment and presentation by Catholic Cadets band ,cultural displays,memorable side attractions and lots more


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