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“Prejudice apart, how do we ascertain the fact that Buhari is not a bigot when all the nine deputies commandants of the Nigeria Custom Service that were recently appointed are from the northern region in a country that is sharply divided between two regions, south and north?…. Adenekan.

How long will Femi Adesina “play the ostrich” and make a big fool of himself as the spokesman for the “SENILE” one in Aso Rock? Nothing in his narrative to celebrate Buhari at 78 justifies the bitter reality on the ground. It is indeed a contradiction of fact and a fallacy.

The many perennial factors that counterpose all of these negative rhetorics and false narratives are: unabated rising surge of insurgents, genocidal Fulani terrorists group, bandits, rapists, abductors and armed robbers all over the land. This is coupled with the bigotry, ineptitude, insensitivity and lack of empathy displayed in many instances by Buhari administration.

Prejudice apart, how do we ascertain the fact that Buhari is not a bigot when all the nine deputies commandants of the Nigeria Custom Service that were recently appointed are from the northern region in a country that is sharply divided between two regions, south and north?

Two: How do we explain the making of two different rules for the same citizens of a country? Buhari government ordered the closure of all land borders but almost all the land borders in the northern region are operating in full capacity.

Three: Say it to the marines that President Mohammed Buhari is not a bigot and he designated the movement for the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB as a terrorist group while Mr. President is unperturbed by the deadly violence activities being carried out by his own ethnic stock. Are the many Fulani Herdsmen all over Sub Sahara Africa not on the loose and rampage with sophisticated dangerous weapons to maim, kill and sack many farmers from their farmlands?

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Moreover, a Yoruba adage says that “ko si bi a se ma fo ati se efo ebolo ti ko ni run igbe”. This is interpreted as there is no way we can wash, clean and cook a vegetable leaf called “Efo Ebolo” that it will not brings out nasty smell. This proverbial phrase or expression points to the historical antecedent of Mohammed Buhari.

The fundamental question at this juncture, is that, did the so called “Reform Democrat” called General Mohammed Buhari ( as prefixed by Punch national newspaper) not probe and jail almost all the governors and some commissioners from the Southern part of the country and leave or treated many governors and leaders in the Northern region with kids gloves when he forcefully took over the leadership of the country from a democratically elected President in 1983 by a coup d’etat? Some of the ex governors like Professor Bisi Onabanjo and Professor Ambrose Alli did not survive the iron fist and brutality of General Mohammed Buhari. They were sent to the early grave.

Four: Is President Mohammed Buhari not truly a bigot? During the OAU summit held when he was the military head of state in 1984, did he not throw his weight behind a citizen of Chad Republic and a Fulani man by tribe for the office of deputy secretary of the organization against a citizen of federal republic of Nigeria and Ibo man by tribe? Is it not also a known fact that Buhari as the Chairman of Petroleum Trust Funds (PTF) under the despotic leadership of General Sanni Abacha concentrated about 90% of all the contracts for infrastructural development in the northern region and most of the contracts were awarded to northern contractors? Sadly, most of the contracts were not completed or abandoned. Where is the patriotism of Mohammed Buhari in all of these shenanigans and complicities?

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Five: Femi Adesina in his wildest imagination said Buhari is not a bigot and all the heads of military apparatus in the country apart from a toothless Chief of Defense Staff, Abayomi Olanisakin, are from the northern region and mostly from the core north and Fulani tribe.

Six: Did Buhari not tell world bank to concentrate all the infrastructural development meant for the whole country in the northern region and ironically, President Mohammed Buhari is not a bigot?

Seven: Is it not true that President Mohammed Buhari is constructing a rail line from Katsina to Niger Republic (another country) at the disadvantages of infrastructural development in Nigeria? In other words, why is Buhari using the available limited resources in a recession economy and borrowed foreign loan and funds for that matter to develop another country at the detriment of Nigeria citizens and Mr. Femi Adesina said Buhari is not a bigot? Is Buhari not taking our crude oil to Niger Republic to be refined at a very costly price and allow all the refineries in Nigeria to rot ? Is it not foolishness on the part Mr. Femi Adesina to say Buhari is not a bigot and a tribal jingoist in the face of these developments?

Eight, why is Femi Adesina using unwarranted brown envelopes that may be filled with ill gotten money that was given to him on many occasions by Mr. President as a benchmark to measure and determine a good governance? Is Femi Adesina not making mockery of our so called democracy?

Furthermore, the argument posited by many that Buhari is dead cannot be untrue in a metaphorical sense. Do we really have a President in Nigeria? When was the last time we have a live broadcast by Mr. President? Is it not also true that his cognitive ability is so function less that most of the daily tasks of the president are being performed by the Chief of Staffs: a case study of his recent meeting with the stakeholders in the Niger delta area that was abruptly canceled by the Chief of Staff to the President, Mr. Ibrahim Gambari without following the due process. Did President Mohammed Buhari ever pay a condolence visit to any gory scenes, where innocent citizens were massacred? To demonstrate this fact are recent Lekki Toll Gate massacre in Lagos state and the gruesome killing of 110 farmers in the village of Koshobe in Jere local government, Borno state. Shall we even mention the recent complicity in the kidnapping of 333 schools boys under his nose in Katsina as the president had missed his cows so much he couldn’t be distracted from the task of tending to his cows at a critical time the nation needs his leadership in making sure the boys return home safe. Again, where is President Mohammed Buhari in all of these shenanigans and insecurities in the country?

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Suffice to say that in literature metaphor, Mohammed Buhari is dead and the simple analogy is the foolery and senile behavior that Mr. Femi Adesina can never fathom unless he comes to terms with the reality on the ground, that is, the contraption called Nigeria is not working and President Mohammed Buhari in all of these shenanigans and complicities is “SENILE”.

In summary, who is fooling who?

Only time will tell.

David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.


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