By Our Reporter.

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto,Most Rev.Matthew Hassan Kukah has maintained that,we are not yet there as a nation,interms of achieving the purpose of our nationhood owing to the several challenges we are faced with as a People.

The revered Bishop charged the Media,civil societies organizations and Faith based organizations, to hold a mirror for those in government to spur them to live up to their responsibilities and mandate.

He disclosed this to Journalists after his homily at the Funeral wake Mass of the late emeritus Archbishop of Kaduna,Most Rev’d Dr. Peter Yariyock Jatau at St Joseph’s Cathedral,Kaduna on Tuesday,where he harped on the reason why people and governments exist anywhere in the world.

Kukah noted that governments basically, exist to provide security, equality,freedom and welfare of the people,drawing from Martins Luther’s text ‘The founding fathers of America’ saying, that’s why America was founded

He further said ” and indeed that is why any country is founded,people come together, the primary thing is security, in order to pursuit the value for freedom and happiness

” so the responsibility of government is to provide a secured space that individuals can exercise their God-given talents,off course our history is different from that of America

“but to the extend that we have a nation,the business of government is to make sure that it is constantly reducing the obstacles on the roads to freedom “he stated

According to him,the business of civil societies, the Church and the media is to” constantly hold the mirror and let society not forget those who are not at the same territory,

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” that’s why some of us are saying the things that we are saying,governments mean well they are not devils,every body in government is not a devil,

Adding that,” people passionately loved this government,but it is important to say we are not there yet,let’s do things slightly differently, but very often we are so obsessed with your good intentions and you can’t understand why people feel the way they feel”

He however said “goodwill is not enough, the media,civil societies,the church,our responsibility, when we criticise government, it’s not because,we don’t like a particular individual or prefer a particular individual,that’s not the issue

” But it is that we must hold a mirror to let government see;do we resemble what we are supposed to be? and it’s an ongoing exercise, because unless,you die,your aspirations will continue to maintain “he reiterated

Speaking on the Country’s recession” there’s economic recession, but unless the ambition and human greed goes into recession society cannot develop,even with the little we have we can still manage

” but unless there’s a recession in the greed of those in public office, it will not be possible for us to realize this objective”he maintained


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