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The Coalition of Arewa youth groups from Lere Federal Constituency have urged all stakeholders in the political and Judicial impasse,on who is the duly elected representative of their constituency at the National Assembly, to allow the judicial process to reach its logical conclusion.

Recall,a group fronting for one of the aggrieved parties had earlier addressed a Press Conference where it alleged the refusal of the Speaker and House Leadership to comply with a subsisting Court ruling for the reinstatement of their Candidate.

This call was made at the Press Conference addressed by the Speaker,Northern Youth Parliament(NYP) Comrade Jabir Aminu Maiturare at the NUJ Press centre,Kaduna,on Thursday, where the coalition further maintained that the status quo should remain until otherwise,saying

” This is a coalition of various group representing various youth body and voices, the voice of Arewa youth for liberty and the Royal youth assembly of Nigerian, the good people of Lere federal constituency, because this is not only a political issue but rather a national case and issue, that requires URGENT intervention of the Federal Government of Nigeria in order to saves our democratic laws and orders.

” Let me start by highlighting some section of the Nigerian constitution. Section 285, subsection 13 the 4th alteration of the federal republic of Nigeria is very clear and well stated. And the electoral act section 141 which can be summarized as follows” The Electoral Acts, 2010 Provides Also In Section 141 That A Court Or Tribunal Should Never Under Any Circumstances Declare As A Winner Of An Election , A Person Who Did Not participated In All The Stages Of An Election.

According to them ” Whether The Provisions Of The Act Seals The Chances Of A Person Who Was Illegally Substituted Or Stopped From Contesting Election (But Whose Party Eventually Won The Election) Or Not Lies On The Interpretation The Courts Will Give To The Said Provisions.’

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” Rules and regulations of the electoral act must be obeyed for one to be legitimately declared AS THE WINNER OF ANY ELECTION.

“The people of Lere federal constituency mandate and it legitimate votes want to be stolen.It is very clear that Engr. Suleiman aliyu of APC did not participate in the 2019 general election, which the APC is also aware(APC Sponsors ENGR AHMED MUNNIR), Engr. Suleiman aliyu also testify that he did not participated and the Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) are aware of this too.

“We wonder why and how the COURT OF APPEAL IN KADUNA wants to impose someone ,who did not participated fully in all the stages of the 2019 general election to the good people of Lere Federal constituency and also after 182 days of the last judgments.

” We all know that appeal have it stipulated time (election tribunal cases have 60 days) and ordinary case (14 days).”

He said” We are all aware that the national election tribunal cases of 2019 is over, it now more than six month since the last judgment was given, but of recently, the People of Lere Federal Constituency, Wake up with an unconstitutional imposition and judiciary maneuver.

” Which if untreated and look onto, it can cause a serious constitutional problem, unrest issues and the future of Nigeria political system and the next generation is at risk. We are all aware of the last END SARS PROTEST that sparks ON and spread all over Nigeria.

” Despite HON. LAWAL MUHAMMAD RABIU is a member of PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP), he is the legitimate mandate of the people and every citizen/ member should be treated equally, for peace and unity to grow.

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” Furthermore, we all know that this present administration is working hard and is fully immensely engage in fighting corruption, injustice, and democratic maneuver.

Adding ” Last week few selfish, unprofessional, unpatriotic, corrupted, and undemocratic people claiming to be representing the voice of Lere Federal Constituency People, and also went on with disrespecting Nigerian honourable members and continue with disrespecting and calling on the speaker of the national assembly to act on their personal favour and interest, despite the fact both parties are still in the courts.

” We want to categorically inform this unpatriotic people that the RT. Hon. Speaker (Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila) is a honourable member and a highly respected citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria, a lawyer and the speaker of the 9th assembly, as a lawmaker, he ensure justice, fairness and equal representation of the masses, not only the people of his constituency but the nation at large.

“Today we are here collectively and strongly, to appreciate the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the national assembly (RT. HON. FEMI Gbajabiamila) for not acting bias, or one sided.”

The group said ” The manner he acted on protecting the Nigerian constitution can never be unseen.
To the teeming population of Nigerian youth, especially those of the Lere federal Constituency extraction, Hon. Lawal muhammad rabiu, he is not just a mentor and role model, but a personality with integrity and unique hallmark, which will for a longtime define the phrase

“ A light at the end of the tunnel” he has given many years of exceptional leadership style and building in the Nigerian society whom the people of lere local government appreciate and every one benefit in directly or indirectly and the nation at large.

” At a time when Nigerian youth are facing near relegation from national scheme of affairs, he has continued to exhibit youth friendly disposition and human care for whoever comes his way, displaying an unmatched nationalistic leadership style that has giving the youth a renewed hope of tomorrow.

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Hon. Lawal Muhammad Rabiu, has no doubt ,achieved very greatly in the nation building, promotion of human capacity development, community development, philanthropic gesture, youth empowerment, integrity, focused leadership, educational development, quality assurance as well as mentorship. His greatness achievements however, are evident in the people who have successfully achieved greatness through his mentorship and good leadership style.
Moreover, we the people of lere federal constituency are in totally support of Hon. Lawal muhammad rabiu of the PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Member,representing lere federal constituency.

Finally, We Are Calling On The President Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria (Gen. Muhammadu Buhari GCON) , Vice President (Prof. Yemi Osinbajo), Chief Justice Of The Federation (Hon. Justice Ibrahim Tanko CFR), President Of Court Of Appeal Of Nigeria (Justice Monica Dongban-Mensemdi) , Anthony General And Minister Of Justice (HON. ABUBAKAR MALAMI),
NATIONAL JUDICIAL COUNCIL OF NIGERIA, Senate President (Sen. Ahmad Lawal Phd),

The Speaker House Of Representative (RT. HON. FEMI GBAJAMIALA), INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE (MOHAMMAD ADAMU) , NIGERIAN UNION OF JOURNALISTS , EFCC BOSS, And FELLOW NIGERIANS That “the mandate of the people of lere federal constituency wants to be stolen”

Our prayers:
As a matter of urgency the federal government should protect the mandate, vote and voice of the people of Lere federal constituency.The chief justice of Nigeria, attorney general of the federation and minister of justices, president of the court of appeal and national judicial council, should investigate this matter in all the judgments. And if the court of appeal in Kaduna have the jurisdiction of hearing a case that originate from the election tribunal case, after 6 month?”he added


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