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CLIMATE CHANGE:Kaduna Group Unveils First Solar Oven To Reduce Pollution

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA-A Kaduna group has unveiled its first –solar- oven in form of Briefcase for baking Bread, cake, to reduce environment pollution and to save forest trees from extinction,due to climate change.

According to Director of a non-governmental organization (Developmental Association of renewable energies DARE) Engineer Yahaya Ahmed,who emphasized on the need to use solar oven in baking Bread,cake and other eatable item,so as to reduce air pollution,and global warming.

He said, the oven uses only sun-light and it hold the heat which enabled it to help in cooking and warming all form of food items within short time.
According to him,the solar oven is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize drink and other food materials.

Yahaya told journalists that visited the centre at yalwa-vilage along kaduna zaria –road that what ever kind of foodstuff were put inside the solar brief-case will be done with 45m-50minute as a result of heat absorption from the sun and the food stuff that is inside the Oven within a short period,saying

“how the solar oven work is through Converting light energy to heat energy, and that enabled the solar brief-case cook what ever is inside the oven within short time for family consumption

“The solar oven must be turned towards the sun and left until the food is cooked, turn the oven to face the sun more precisely and to ensure that shadows from nearby buildings or plants have not blocked the sunlight”

Similarly, The assistant Director of African climate reporters, Dr piman Hoffman, added that Solar ovens harness the sun’s energy to cook food ,the easiest ways without causing any environmental problems .
Piman says “ you don’t have to use gas or electricity for meals,cause this saves money and is better for the environment”

He said traditional bakeries daily contribute to the increased global warming which inturn triggers climate change. And this is because they still practice the old method of using firewood for their activities.
“Africa’s forestry is gradually going extinct due to continuous demand of firewood for domestic cooking, bakery, building construction and mining activities.”

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