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LENTEN REFLECTION: Awake From Your Slumber!

By Rev.Sr.Veronica Onyeanisi,OLA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA – Our forty days’ journey of lent began on Ash Wednesday where a large bowl rested on a purple cloth, its roundness holding ashes freshly burnt, black and ready for wearing, to remind us that we are dust and unto dust we shall return.

I heard the word- ‘remember’ which echoes within me all through the season; Remember! Remember! Remember you are dust, only dust and one day, someday only dust will remain.

What a simple and humble life we are reminded of and invited to live for only dust, only dust will remain. We have journeyed through this period of lent to renew our dedication, our vows, our commitment to constant compassion and love; to be aware of the crosses we carry each day- the cross of banditry! The torture of kidnappers! The unemployment of our youth and relatives! All as a result of bad governance; the impact of covid-19 and the pains of its victims; the ultimate sacrificial price paid by the medical team and the death of our loved ones.

Hmmm! There comes the sacred paschal triduum of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ beginning by the betrayal of a beloved one. The one who has received much from Jesus asking the Chief priests ‘what will you give me if I hand him over to you?’ (Matt. 26: 14-15). How it hurts when betrayed by those whom we trust and are close to us; those whom we feel should understand us better and stand by us.

So! what are those inordinate and uncontrollable desires that lure us to sin? Jesus on the cross of Calvary made a loud cry saying, it is consummated; it is finished! Has He finished it for you? The story of Judas Iscariot teaches us that material things-wealth, status, greed, selfishness do not give inner joy and peace rather life in Christ.

Hence! Let us constantly cloth ourselves with love, compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience like Jesus whose life and ministry were constantly clothed with love.

Good Friday! Jesus is condemned to death on a tree. On this day many spectators stood watching Jesus since he healed the sick and raised the dead to life to see what will happen to him. Some of these spectators were; spectators of indifference, spectators of pains and spectators of love. Which one are you? At the end of the Good Friday’s liturgy, in a somber mood, we solemnly, silently left the church, meditating on the death of Jesus… “Unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it yields much fruit.” John 12: 24-25,

What a great silence all over the earth! A Holy Saturday! The trees still, the birds all in silence! The gentle flowing of the spring seized! The travelled paths lonely of cars and human beings! Every creation waiting in silence as the King of kings is asleep to wake and awaken all that are asleep in Him. Awake from your slumber O! Daughter of Zion! Awake from your sleep daughter of Jerusalem! For your king comes in glory. He comes with His might and His weapon of cross and glory! He comes with His crown of righteousness to sanctify the earth!

He will deliver us from the chaos and pains of this world. He will sustain us until we reach the end in Him.
May the joy of His resurrection abide and remain with us! Amen.

Rev. Sr. Veronica Onyeanisi,OLA, is the Executive Director of Women’s interfaith Council,(WIC),Kaduna


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