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2023: It’s Time For Other Regions To Support NDlGBO For President – IWA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA -The President, World Igbo Assembly and the Diaspora Envoy of the Global Movement for Igbo President 2023 (GLOMIP 2023), Chief Nwachukwu Anakwenze, has said that the quest for Igbo Presidency is a necessity going by the many years of marginalization suffered by the Igbo nation.

Chief Anakwenze who is also the Traditional Prime Minister of Abagana (Onowu Abagana) in Anambra State, pointed out that the Igbos believe in true democracy and leadership but needed the reassurances of Nigerians that they are truly part of the project called Nigeria .

The renowned America-trained Physician, who has over 3000 thousand (3,000) Medical Doctors in their medical network made this known to journalists during an exclusive interview in Abuja, on the 1st April, 2021.

Chief Anakwenze while fielding questions from journalists noted that Nigeria by nature is supposed to be the headquarters of the blacks race all over the world going by the human and material resources that God has bequeathed the country,.stressing further on the need for Nigeria to be more united inspite of its multi-lingual nature, Chief Anakwenze said:

“Divisibility through the instrumentality of tribe or religion is not worth it, rather we should come together and find the reasons why God has assembled us in this way and build a microcosm of unity to have a better Nigeria that we all desire”, he quoted.

The US-based business mogul who also holds the revered and coveted post of Traditional Prime Minister of Abagana in Anambra State , South East Nigeria, also pledged that he would, as part of his responsibility, as the Traditional Prime Minister continue to contribute to the uplifting of the less privileged or the down trodden out of obscurity, as his educational empowerment programs sponsors 60 persons to the universities each year.”That would be in addition to the free medical treatment given to the needy in the society yearly”, he added. Chief Anakwenze further reiterated that in order to help solve the unemployment in the country, he embarked on building several firms and companies in Nigeria, specifically for the aim of absolving unemployed graduates .

Today, the highly respected traditional title holder cum philanthropist per excellence also talked about his several business investments in Nigeria which are operated by young Nigerians as managers and solely dedicated to helping graduates gain meaningful source of livelihoods. The US based business mogul had this to say about his efforts in checkmating unemployment in the country,

” When I discovered that students would graduate, yet no employment opportunities for them, i decided to build companies that would generate employment opportunities and trigger economic cum infrastructural development.

“My water factory is one of the best in the country and it has employed many Nigerians thereby reducing the rate of unemployment and pressure on the Nigerian government for employment”, he further disclosed. On the political front and the quest for the President to come from the Igbo ethnic group, especially the South East, the Traditional Prime Minister of Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State opined that.the Igbos had all it takes , politically, academically, economically and otherwise to produce the President which would take the country to a greater height.

Further reacting to a question whether the 2023 Presidency should be based on merit or mediocrity?, the high chief said the Igbos have done more in all the fields of endeavor in Nigeria and outside the country, perhaps more than others of her contemporaries. It is therefore only natural that the Presidency comes to the Igbos in 2023, in the spirit of justice, fairness and Equity; that was the factor that prompted the creation of the Global Movement for Igbo President 2023 (GLOMIP 2023), of which he serves as the Chief Envoy.

“How can you be talking about merit and not including the South East? In academics, we are at the top, the health sector, and otherwise, we are at the top. It would shock you to know that the COVID-19 vaccine that has been officially approved and used by countries of the world is by a Nigerian and an Igbo person”.

” We need a country of equality, meritocracy, not mediocrity. Nigeria has all it takes to make a great nation. Chief Anakwenze further highlighted the positive roles played by the Igbo nation towards engendering a better country for all. “Our history has clearly shown that Ndi-Igbo has yearned for true democracy. We do not believe in religious-based politics or any of the likes. We want a Nigeria where the majority rights will be balanced with the minority rights”, he added


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