-cautions those clamouring for succession

_Urges Fellow Peace Awardees not be afraid to speak truth to power

– Cautions political leaders that power,loyalty are transient,

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA -The Former Senator representing Kaduna Central at National assembly ,Comrade Shehu Sani ,has said the present government in Nigeria is not interested in the much talked about restructuring of the country, hence no one should be decieved about it

He also charged the recipients of the prestigious Global Peace award for Peace organized by the World organisation of  Ambassadors in collaboration with Hand Up Development Association, not be afriad to speak truth to power.

Shehu Sani,who was the Chairman of the occasion and one of the several recipients of prestigious global awards 2021,at the Arewa House on Wednesday, in his remarks also said the long awaited call for Restructuring of the Country may not see the light of day because the present government is not at home to that issue.

“Restructuring has been one issue that has been severally propagated,but do not deceive yourself,people who are in authority today are not interested in restructuring, because they have the control of the House of Representatives, control of the Senate, control of the States; if the want to restructure, it can be done in within two weeks, but their interest is not there”

He however said ” lt is time for us as a country to do the needful and to understand that there’s a structure defect in our country, so we need to do what is right”

He lamented the bane of honest leaders,men of honour and leaders of integrity in the country owing to the several challenges bedevilling us as a people, saying ” I think at a time like this, it’s not just time to pray for our country, but to hold leaders in the position of power accountable “

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” in the north like any other part of the country, we have a tradition of remaining silent and be suffering when one of our own is in power and that has been one of our greatest problems adding that, it behooves on us all, ” to remind whoever is in power of his duties as a leader” irrespective of his religion or where he comes from.

He regretted that if what his efforts and his likes at the National Assembly to keep the leadership on their toes where taken seriously ” if what needs to be done at that time had been done, we couldn’t have been where we are today,” instead he said they ” considered us enemies of the President,or government or enemies of the country ” he added

He also cautioned those clamouring for succession ” we are better together as a united country, those who want to divide this country, by carving out their country will not succeed, they will not succeed, he however noted, ” it is all by power for you to say they will not succeed, those who do not believe in succession need to be proven that they are better off in a united Nigeria “he stressed

To the recipients of the prestigious global award of peace ” prove that you deserve that award by being able to be courageous, don’t be afraid to speak truth to power,”

He added that ” power is like a balloon and the truth is like a pin,let’s continue to pray for our country and hope that our travails and crisis turn to a phase in our lives and not be the fate of our life “

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Similarly, the African representative of the World Organization of Ambassadors, Argentina, His Excellency Dr.David Morondiya Aiye,said the event ” it’s a peace summit to select peace engineers in the various localities to give them our shoulders to do what we are supposed to do in their various communities, we understand our society lack peace and without peace there’s no way anything can thrive”

” we need voices, people that matter that will go to places that matter and say what need to be said, my call for the awardees today is for them to be proactive and live by example and start doing the work we expected of them”

According to him, over 250 peace ambassadors have been awarded by the organization in Nigeria, and that from here the will be hosting the International peace summit in Abuja on 30th September,incommemoration of Nigeria’s October, 1st independence celebration among other things


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