NEWSDAILYNIGERIA -The founder of a Humanitarian Aid Non-governmental organization (Peace Revival and reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria) Pastor Yohanna Buru has distributed some Bags of foodstuff to Muslim women living with HIV/Aids in kaduna state north western Nigeria , with the aims of supporting them to participate fully in the 30 days fasting and prayers in the holy month of Ramadan.

According to him, this is to strengthen them in order to support them devote much time in prayers for peace stability in the country. while calling on them to pray to almighty God to bring an end to Banditry,kidnapping,Cattle rustling terrorist attack,

He said , COVId 19 Pandemic ,economic recession and insecurity challenges have caused a serious rise of foodstuff in the country,hence the need to support those women with grains of foodstuff for the eat during the Ramadan.

The christian clerics said, his NGO and the church has distributed plenty bags of food grains in this year Ramadan,and the reason is to boost relationship between Christians and Muslims in the country

Buru made the statement when he lead an entourage of some Humanitarian NGos to meet with some the leaders of Alumma foundation at Rigasa-community at igabi local government kaduna state

Among the NGO that accompany him are(Like minds and Niggers rehalibation center at Rigasa kaduna)

He said, The donation becomes mandatory in view of the hardship most of the people living with HIV/Aids are facing in the country.

“The donation is to enabled them have food to eat and ,also to support them toward praying for one nation”

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“because we are all created by One God, and we all believe in One God,”

He called on wealthy Muslims ,corporate organization, and other top Islamic organization to be helping those women which are Hiv/aid patients

Adding that majority of the women living with HIV/Aid has children that were also affected with the Diseases,and most of them duly need support from every Nigerians for them live long like any other child in the country

It could be recalled that since the beginning of this year Ramadan 2021 ,the Christian cleric and his team commences grains distribution which is aimed at support the poor muslims who are the street beggars and widows with some that are residing at the IDPs

Responding Hajiya Aisha usman , The leader of muslim women living with HIV/Aids in kaduna says, this year Ramadan is really tough for muslims women with Aid in view of lack of foodstuff to eat at home

She note that, they were very happy when they had that pastor yohanna buru is coming to share food to muslim women living with Aids

The leaders of the women living with Aids says one of the greatest challenges they faces during Ramadan is lack of food to eat,because Government usually give the free drugs,but lack of food is their major problems

Adding that since the beginning of the Ramadan, there is no any organization that remembered their existence only pastor yohanna buru

Stressing that most of the HIV/Aids muslims women are widows and has orphans,and are living in a rented houses

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Most of their childrens are malnourish due to lack of good food to eat at home

Aisha said, stigma is still a problem in the society,as they cannot expressed their freedom like every other citizens in the country

“People reject buying any product of good ,once they found that is was produced by a person living with Aid”

“even in rented house, people stigmatise them not to talk of places of worship”

“we face stigma in our daily lives every day in Nigeria despite the awareness by NGO/CSO on dangers related to violation of any human being the freedom given to him by the federal refublic of Nigeria

Aisha called on all Islamic organization which include Fomwan,Nasfat, women in Da’awah and JNI national

She then appealed to federal government of Nigeria to be helping HIV/Aids patient with Food in order to reduce the hardship they faces


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