– Over 30 scholars accross sects attended

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA – The lnterfaith Mediation Centre,through her Community lnitiative to Promote Peace,CIPP, has ended a 3- Day Workshop on Intra Muslim Dialogue to strengthen peace and unity among the Muslim Ummah

The conference attracted over 30 lslamic Scholars across the various religious sects and organizations in attendance is aimed at bridging the gaps,breaking barriers and strengthening cohesion among the Ummah

In a communiqué issued and signed by Hayatu Nura Communication Officer Interfaith Mediation Centre at the end of the Dialogue held at the Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) Headquarters, Kaduna between 26-28 of April, 2021, the workshop participants further made observations and resolution accordingly

” The workshop had in attendance 30 Islamic Scholars across board from Kaduna North Local Government, comprising Darika, Izala, Shiite and other religious organizations particularly JNI, NACOMYO, Fityanul Islam, NASFAT and Hisbah etc
The workshop had presentations and several deliberations on: Intra Religious Dialogue, Challenges and Prospects, Islamic Perspective; Likes and Dislikes among Islamic Sects, Heart Surgery/Healing Inner Pains, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Theology of Communication, Connectors and Disconnectors, Level of Tolerance and Intolerance, Positive and Negative Identity and Interdependence among others.
The communique came out with the following: observations, resolutions and recommendations.

The participants observed the following;
1. Communication gap among Religious Scholars.
2. Misinterpretation of scriptures and misconception of each other school of thought.
3. Defamation and stereotype.
4. Insufficient knowledge by some scholars.
5. Lack of specialization by some Scholars in some areas of knowledge.
6. Disrespect to opinions and politicization of religion.
7. Quest and zeal for leadership by some Scholars.
8. Lack of coordination between Islamic scholars and their followers.
9. Intolerance among Islamic Scholars.
10. Hate speeches and misguided utterances.
11. Youth restiveness political thuggery, proliferation of small and light arms.
12. The rising tide of drug abuse and rape.
13. Proliferation of mobile preachers

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The Communique issued a resolution at the end of the workshop which thus reads as follows:
1. That, all the sects and other religious organizations agreed that there should be mutual respect and positive communication among each other.
2. That, all the Scholars have agreed to tolerate and respect each other’s thought.
3. That, the Scholars within Kaduna North Local Government have agreed to champion peaceful co-existence among Intra Muslim Sect
4. That, the Scholars have also agreed that all Scholars should preach within their area of specialization and enjoined scholars to do further research to widen their knowledge.
5. That, Participants have agreed to establish Muslim Intra Religious Dialogue Committee for Kaduna North Local Government.
6. That, Participants have also agreed to Establish Social Media Network Platform to enhance Early Warning and Early Response Mechanism, and to also monitor and prevent violent extremism in Kaduna North Local Government.

At the end of the 3 days workshop, the Muslim Intra Dialogue Workshop came out with the following recommendations:
1. There should be holistic awareness on issue of divergence between different sects for unity purposes in Kaduna North Local Government.
2. Participants enjoin all the sects to embark on sustainable and friendly visitation to one another for mutual understanding and collaborations.
3. The need to sustain this platform of the participants from various sects is encouraged for continuity.
4. There should be proper coordination of the various sects by JNI, the State Bureau of Interfaith (Islamic Matters) and other relevant agencies.
5. There is need for various Islamic Groups to actively participate in addressing Youth restiveness, drug abuse, rape, kidnap and other insecurity challenges in our communities.”


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