Zainab Tanimu,Kaduna, North – West, Nigeria

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– NASFAT Kaduna has urged Muslim Unmah to take seriously the six days fast in the month of Shawwal as it is of great benefit.It said many do not realise the importance of this fast saying, whoever completes the 30days of Ramadan fast and follows it with the 6days fast in the month of Shawwal as enjoined by Allah is like someone who fast for a complete year in the sight of Allah

This was disclosed at the Eid-el-Fitr sermon titled, TAQWA (Piety) delivered by NASFAT Kaduna state Imam, El-Imam Muh’d Marooph Muh’d Raji at NASFAT Kaduna praying ground.

He said, ” Whoever fasts 30days of Ramadan and observe the 6days fast of Shawwal, it would be recorded for him in the sight of Allah that you have fasted for a whole year. You can fast for six days at a stretch or spread the six days at your convenience as long as the fast is observed within the month of Shawwal. ” he stressed.

Imam Marooph also gave an insight on the importance of fast saying that, the month of Ramadan serves as a month of reflection, where one comes closer to his creator in repentance, as well as increase in act of good deeds

He however regretted that, many instead of turning a new leaf after lessons derived from the month of Ramadan turn back to their old selves exhibiting all manners of unacceptable deeds.

He charged Muslims to reflect on the teachings of the month of Ramadan, to build on the good things as that would be more rewarding here and the hereafter.

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“Look back at the good things done in the month of Ramadan. It is good to continue doing what you were doing in the month of Ramadan so that Allah will count you amongst those of the good deeds.

“Allah said, o ye who believe, obey Allah and follow the path of the Holy Prophet SAW. ”

According to him, adhering to the commandments of Allah as well as abiding by the Sunnah (teachings) of the Holy Prophet SAW surely is pious in the sight of Allah.

He further pointed out that Islam is a religion of peace with its Dos and Don’t s. A religion that promotes good deeds, encourages fairness, equity and justice.


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