Home News Horticulturist Grafts Over 100,000 Fruit Trees To Combat Climate Change,

Horticulturist Grafts Over 100,000 Fruit Trees To Combat Climate Change,

– Says, it also save endangered species.

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– A young Nigerian horticulturist Ibrahim Salisu, and founder of Teku International Farm, Kaduna said he has annually grafted over One hundred thousand fruit trees at his farm located along kaduna bye express way,

He said the essence is to enable him supply fruits , agricultural products and to support government and other environmentalists, in the daily battled against Global warming, desertification ,deforestation and other ecological challenges that is affecting the environment.

Adding that, for the past 10 years, he has been grafting thousands of fruits trees with the aims of combatting climate change ,river bank erosion, flood and other natural disaster.

According to him, grafting is the fastest way of growing popular, desirable varieties of fruiting trees & flowering shrubs on a large scale. Many commercially valuable plants are difficult to grow by other propagation methods like cutting & layering, but they respond well to grafting.

“every year i grafted over 100,000 fruits trees to combat climate change and to save endergered species from going extinction”

He noted that , grafting makes it possible to grow many different fruits on a single rootstock. Thus, the grafting process allows gardeners to reproduce favorite plants with consistent characteristics, enjoy early fruiting, and potentially have many types of fruit on one tree

“Fruits are highly nutritious and can serve as appetiser. It is known for its health and medicinal benefits but fruits are also very refreshing when eaten. “

Ibrahim ,says there is high demand of crafted fruits trees across the 36 states of Nigeria including other neighbouring African countries like NIGER REPOUBLIC,CHAD,CAMEROON dues to the role they play in providing food,creating employment opportunity for jobless youth,while protecting the environment against all the ecological challenges affecting agricultural production in the country.

The business of crafting fruit trees and other economic tress are booming in the country,and there are plenty opportunies to make huge money through crafting techniques business.

Stressing that all the fruit tress that were produce do always start producting seeds after each and every 6 months which is contrary different from the other traditional trees that usually takes over 10 years before it start producing crops.

According to him, he has been training hundreds of youths across the northern region of Nigeria into various field of horticulture business in order to support states and federal government fight poverty,and unemployment among the citizens in the country

He said since last year, he has embarked on gathering and replanting millions of plant and flower species in Kaduna to save them from becoming extinct.
he said,he was working hard to restore many endangered plants from the brink of extinction and repopulate them in the society while creating an environment for nursing millions of fruit trees through new crafting techiniues which help in producing various species of plants are resistance to all forms of ecological challenges in the environment.
Growing fruit trees gives you a way to use your green thumb to make extra cash or turn your labor into a full-time business. … Plus, even if you can’t sell all of your trees as soon as they’re big enough to transplant, just let them grow another year and sell the larger tree for even more money.

“Growing fruit trees gives you a way to use your green thumb to make extra cash or turn your labor into a full-time business”
Start fruit farming today in other to secure a life time financial status tomorrow.

While calling on states and federal government to equally help toward training Nigerian youth various ways of sensitizing them on Mango farming,orange farming,paw-paw,Banana farming.and other economic tress in order to reduce the burden of unemployment among Nigerians

While calling on wealthy individuals to equally support in training more youths into horticulture business across the 36 states of Nigeria
One of the students that learned the new crafting technques from the department of medicine at kaduna state university has called for training of more youth in the programs


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