By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– The Interfaith Mediation Centre,(IMC) has called on the Federal government to as a matter urgency convoke a National Dialogue with a well-defined agenda as the way out of the present sociopolitical quagmire threatening the coorporate existence of the country.

The centre while lamenting the precarious state of insecurity in the land ranging from the spate of kidnappings, banditry and killings  and calls for succession, called for concerted efforts by government and citizens to ensure, security, good governance peace and unity of the country.

Addressing a press conference on the ” Need for a United Nigeria ” on Saturday in Kaduna, the Co- executive Directors of IMC, Pastor James Movel Wuye and Imam Dr. Muhammad Ashafa, further urged Nigerians to observe restraint in the midst of all for the interest of one stable and united Nigeria.

” The Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC), a faith-based organization in Kaduna State under the Community initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP) program is deeply saddened following recent waves of Criminality, Killings, Kidnapping, Banditry, Secessionist Movements across regions, the threat of eviction of some ethnic groups from one region to another and the quest for good governance. All this has continued to raise mounting questions about the survival of Nigeria as a nation.

” To say the least, we are deeply distressed with the existing situation in our country today, its worsening effects on the citizens are quite worrisome. Therefore, we reiterate the need for citizens to put the country first notwithstanding the various tests and challenges. We implore leaders to exploit our rich and diverse potentials and think out strategies that will catalyze transformation and development “

IMC further said ” We are using this opportunity to appeal to the Nigerlan government to call for a national dialogue with a well-defined agenda that will ostensibly deconstruct and allay the fears of every segment of corporate existence leading to the cementing of relationships across ethnic and religious divides.

” This period calls for clear reflection and see the prevailing challenge as an opportunity for the citizens in the country to mobilize and echo their voices for unity and tolerance across regions, communities, religious and ethnic divides and work together to foster a harmorious and peaceful nation where the ideals of coexistence, safeguard of human lives and properties are guaranteed” the stated

The forum further said “on our par we call on all Nigerians to exercise restraint devoid of sentiments that emanate from the pains of our un-heal collective memories so that Nigeria will match towards a United, progressive entity where all voices and all people will be heard and have a sense of belonging “

According to IMC ” We will continue to work with religious and traditional institutions on the necessity to we peace with one another for the stability of one united nation NIGERIA” the reiterated


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