NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– As plant scientists, geologists, climatologists and other horticulturists in the country continue to express dissatisfaction over the increase disappearance of some vital plants species that are resistant to climate change and other climatic condition, that support the fight against global warming, desertification , deforestation in most of the states of Northern Nigeria

A Kaduna based horticulturist, Aminu Salisu plants thousands of trees annually which are resistant to climate change ,and high temperature with the sole aim of protecting some species of trees against going into extinction

The young expert said, he annually plants thousands of Mahogany ,NEEM, and other trees that are resistance ecology to fight desertification and erosion

According to him, global warming, timber business, tropical plants diseases, bush fire, firewood exportation and deforestation has contributed immensely to the declined of many plants species which are resistance to all forms of Climatic condition and ecology challenges in the region

The horticulturist noted that many important trees are gradually disappearing in the forestry day by –day due to human irrational activities of cutting down of trees for timber purpose and for construction of houses and other domestic activities.

Adding that, hundreds of wildlife are forced into migration as a result of climate change, bush fire and scarcity of other plants in some of the forestry

He said, every year, he plants thousands of Mahogany, Neem and other economic trees that can support toward protecting the environment against all forms of challenges which can easily affect Human, animal ,and other living organism in the forestry

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While Stressing that there are many economic trees and other plant species that are resistance to climatic condition which are now facing serious challenges associated to heat, bush burning, charcoal ,and firewood business that are fading-out, and hence the need to find new ways of protecting such historical trees

He said’ “ if you observed most of our forestry are gradually turning to desert sahara due to lack of commitment by Volunteers civil societies organization,NGOs , authorities, and other stake holders to tackled the problems”

He further noted that, Many species of trees that are supporting the fight against climate change and environmental degradation are gradually facing –out ,hence the need to find new ways of protecting them .

Aminu added that Manogany trees play a significant role toward protecting the environment and reduce the speed of sahara desert from turning some of the forestry to sahara desert

He then called on Ministry of Environment, Non Governmental organizations ,religious leaders and traditional title holders to equally join the Campaign against deforestation and global warming

He appealed to wealthy individuals to support Government and other environmental agents on trees planting Campaign ,in order to save the environment against the increased burden of deforestation,desertification and other ecological challenges that is causing serious problems to the environment

Similarly ,The Director African Climate Reporters, Comrade Nurudeen Bello highlighted on the importance of protecting trees species against going into extinctions

He said, there is need to join hands with all plants scientists and other stake holders to produce more plants that can grow faster in any place irrespective of the harsh weather condition

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Another Environmentalist and a Plant Scientist, Mallam Abdulhadi Mohammed of Kaduna Polytechnic called on citizens to imbibed the culture of tree planting in the environment

He said, planting trees can save our environment against so many disaster include flood and river bank erosion


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