Home News Kaduna Farmer Recycles Plastic Bags Annually For Indoor Pineapple Farming

Kaduna Farmer Recycles Plastic Bags Annually For Indoor Pineapple Farming

– Says environmental pollution is mitigated through hydroponic-indoor farming system.

A Young Kaduna based farmer and a horticulture Dauda salisu has embarked on collecting thousands of plastic bags from scavengers at the trashed dump center every day, with the sole aim of protecting the environment against Flood disaster, erosion through recycling them for Indoor- pineapples farming both in the dry and raining season to supply fruits to the market

This is aimed at reducing the volume of huge plastic bags blocking the gutters , water-ways and causing other dangerous environmental and health challenges due to human irrational activities of dumping all sort of trashed on the streets, moter-park, markets,stadium in the enviroment,

According to him, pineapple farming is the simplest and the easiest ways of farming for every house owner in the state to embraced , in order to over the challenges of high cost of fruit and other Food items in the market.

He said, this system of farming pineapple in a plastic bags is simply the best ways to reduce the huge volume of plastic trashed blocking our waterways,thereby causing flood and other man-made disaster

Stressing that insecurity ,banditry, kidnapping and killing amids the covid 19 pandemic has hindered many people from going to their farmlands this year,and hence the need to embrace modern technology of farming at home,and some farmlands closer to some communities ,so as to support the family with food to eat

He said, the major impact of plastic bags on the environment is that it takes many years to for them to decompose. In addition, toxic substances are released into the soil when plastic bags perish under sunlight and, if plastic bags are burned, they release a toxic substance into the air causing ambient air pollution

Adding that, hydroponic indoor farming helps many families in planting seed of pineapples and other food items at home without having any forms of insecurity challenges.

Dauda noted that for the past 10 years, he has been collecting plastic bags from scavenger which he uses for planting pineapples ,Yams,sweet potatoes,maize and other fruits and foodstuffs at home

Dauda pointed that ,he has trained many young farmers on this systems of farming in a plastic bags at home.

The young farmer further, said pineapple is a highly nutritious fruit, with numerous health benefits and provides economic potential for farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers

Similarly, a science climatologist and a Director of African climate Reporters Mr Nurudden Bello has emphasized on the need to tackle plastic pollution in the country, so as to save human,plants and animals from facing more environmental challenges

He said, the effect of plastic wastes on marine organisms, humans and the environment at large is of public concern, and calls for the need to salvage the ecosystems and lives therein.

Despite the fact that plastics are very useful in everyday life, the toxic chemicals used in the production need to be thoroughly monitored so as to ensure environmental and health safety.

Stressing also that , there is a urgent need for government agencies and health authorities to enact and enforce environmental laws that will monitor production, usage and disposal of plastics. In addition, some harmful chemical constituents used in the production of plastics

He then called on media organizations and other agencies for support toward raising more awareness to the general public about such system of indoor farming at home,so as to reduce the plastic bags dominating our gutters and other waterways

Pineapples farming through re-used bags of plastic is very important and as such it helps in reducing poverty for some women.

Human population increase and consistent demand for plastics and plastic products are responsible for continuous increase in the production of plastics, generation of plastic waste and its accompanied environmental pollution.

Adding that the bags are cheap to buy, for planting pineapples and other domestic plants and seed which which helps families in accessing food at affordable prices

Additionally, Researches on worldwide production of plastics and the accompanied environmental pollution have shown that plastic wastes have constituted a major environmental issue.

The pineapple fruits are normally eaten fresh or as fresh pineapple juice. Pineapple ripened in plants is best eaten fresh and it is only necessary to remove the crown, rind,
eyes and core

Pineapples indoor farming helps small and big farmers in so many ways through creating job opportunity,and help families access their fruits at affordable places


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