By Ibrahima Yakubu

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– The Federation Cultural Troupe of Nigeria has lamented that our historical cultural heritage is under attack due to modernization, globalization and environmental degradation; especially our rich African cultural dances.

The group however said it has commenced an initiative in reviving our traditional and cultural dances to avert extinction due to modernization and globalization

The Organizer of the Annual event and National President Federation cultural Troupe of Nigeria Mallam Umar Mai DUMA, disclosed this in Kaduna recently

He further said the annual event is aimed at promoting all our local music and other local dances in order to protect it against the increasing threats most traditional and cultural dances are facing today

The theme of the event is : Protecting our cultural heritage against the inversion of modernization and globalization across the world”

The annual traditional and cultural dance which was organized by Federation cultural troupe of Nigeria is aimed at reviving all the traditional and cultural dances in the 19 northern states of Nigeria, so as to enlighten youths and teenagers on the importance of protecting their traditional and cultural heritage against all forms of challenges due to modernization and globalization in the region

According to him, every hands must be deck to promote our cultures and tribes against modernization,

While stressing the need for every Nigerian to support the government in protecting our culture, he called on parents to be also teaching their kids at home their languages and tribe, as to save the situationHe noted that to be kept alive, tangible cultural heritage must remain relevant to a culture and be regularly practised and learned within communities and across generations.

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Responding Madam Esther Adamu a traditional dancer from Southern Kaduna, said, it is importance to sensitize parents on the need to be teaching their kids their culture and tribeShe said many languages are also going into extinction and the need to educate more parents to be speaking their traditional dialects to their kids to save it against going extinction

Esther appealed to Ministry of culture and tourism to always organized conference and meeting with other Traditionalist on the need to save other cultures and tribe against going into extinction

” our children have abandoned their cultural and historical heritage thereby embracing foreign culture”we have good culture and tradition hence the need to transformed our youth to go back to their root”

There are many factors that are responsible for causing set backs to the development of our cultural heritage and hence the need to rise and protect them against the current challenges most tribes and cultural promoters face

Adding that the issue of theft, war, civil disorder, terrorism ,banditry, neglect and vandalism , either accidental or wilful are human factors destroying our cultural heritageHe said, ” Culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations, thereby defining a people’s national identity. It is important to preserve our cultural heritage, because it keeps our integrity as a people”

He noted that, cultural heritage affirms our identity as a people because it creates a comprehensive framework for the preservation of cultural heritage including cultural sites, old buildings, monuments, shrines, and landmarks that have cultural significance and historical values.


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