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NEWSDAILYNIGERIA- Between jobs, raisingkids and the drama of everyday life, romance tends to get lost in the shuffle. Some of the most romantic ideas to spice up your marriage are short and sweet. Here’s a list of romantic things that only take a few minutes to prepare

Mystery kisses

Stop by the store and pick up five pieces of candy with distinctly different flavours. Later on, when you’re alone, have your spouse sit down and close their eyes. Unwrap the first piece of candy, allow your spouse to taste it and probably guess the flavour. You can do this until you exhaust all the candies you bought. If they guess every one right, then they win a kiss.

Go on a date

Make it a point of duty to go on at least one date every month. If you can get in more than that, do so. Some of these will get you out of the house while others may be at home, after the kids go to bed.

Never forget the place of communication

Your relationship has grown over the years. What you liked when you both first met may be different today. Make sure you ask your spouse how they would like to be romanced.Schedules can get busy, especially when you add kids in the mix, but make time for each other. Whether it is in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, take a look at your calendars and find some time you can squeeze in for just the two of you.

Write love letters

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Express your feelings in a unique way by writing your spouse a love letter. Buy a few sheets of pink or yellow paper from a local copy shop and get started by expressing yourself. Pour out your innermost feelings to your spouse.

Try out their favourite ice cream

Serving your spouse ice cream occasionally also helps to create the much needed sparkle in your marriage.Make sure you stuck up your freezer and add a few of your spouse’s favourite candy bars.

Music of your lives

Start by finding the top songs they love to hear and enjoy all the way. See what your parents were rocking out to when you were in the cradle and laugh about the first songs you remember hearing. This is a great way to share childhood memories and funny stories with your spouse.

Leave steamy messages

While your spouse is in the shower, draw a big heart on the mirror with your initials in the middle, or write a little note like “Tade is cute.” They’ll certainly love the sex appeal that it brings.

Promise of things to come

Drop off or mail a gift to your partner’s work that hints at an exciting evening without providing any details. This could be a ripe strawberry with whipped cream, lingerie, a small vial of massage oil, or even a blindfold. Include a note that reads “See you tonight,” and let them spend the afternoon wondering. They will probably try to call you. Tell them nothing and leave them guessing.


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