By Gora Albehu Dauda

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– The Media space in Nigeria is largely characterized by either fake news, half truths or no truths at all in some of its content. If it is true and I hope that it isn’t that former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has finally yielded to the honey coated falsehood of the obviously stranded and jaded APC Political strategists to re contest for the presidency in 2023, nothing can be more tragic. If the egregiously dubious characters within the APC are true to themselves before claiming to be true to Nigeria and Nigerians, they must come out publicly and apologize to Nigerians for the political heist which passed for both the 2015 and 2019 elections that threw up the tired, unprepared and visionless individual as president.

I am not unaware of the aphorism particularly in the northern part of this stranded country which warns that whenever you see a stray dog sniffing at a shoe, and if you end up not accounting for the shoe, certainly the dog must come too mind. The much rumoured news about Goodluck Jonathan’s defection from PDP to the rulling APC has been around for some time. Jonathan himself has a number of times made some half hearted attempts to deny any such allegations or suggestions but you never know with politicians and their inordinate quest for political power. As mentioned supra, I am.praying and hoping that it is the usual fake news that is making the rounds. If on the other hand there is truth in the news of his agreeing to so decamp to APC solely for the purpose of contesting once more to be president, I have just one question for him and it is What Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will do differently as president should this political gambit succeed? The old and still very reliable mousetrap has never disappointed by failing to catch mice except there is no bait placed on it. I see mousetrap set for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

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Nigetia’s political History stares everyone.of us capable of recalling to the fact that no agreement is so sacrosanct as not to be disregarded in due time. The only such agrement worthy of being honoured remains that which benefits the first individuals to enjoy it. As time draws nigh for the other groups to have their turn, selfish considerations come in to scatter the agreement. Is it not true that one such agreements birthed thensame anti people APC goverernment? Is it not also true that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s fate with regard to their merger agreement with CPC to.produce APC hanging only by a thin thread if at all.there is still one such thread? How and when did Goodluck Jonathan become.such.a darling of the APC as to be worthy of that party surrendering the Presidential ticket to him? Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is therefore in my humble opinion a convenient ploy for the disappointing APC to hang on to power if the ploy works.

If Goodluck Jonathan is thinking the way I am, given the.terrible hardship Nigerians have languished in for the past 7 years under the APC yoke, he should also be able to make a detailed political survey of Nigeria as things currently stands before he jumping ship or takes the leap. For a truth, there is nothing inspiring about the APC and the government it runs for anyone if not an individual hungry for power for the sake of it. The only area the APC may have achieved something is in the fact that she has exposed the underbelly of the very fragile Nigerian State for every unsuspecting Nigerian to know. The old Behemoth known as the North or Arewa as some choose to call her is now lying supine and impotent under the wright of her internal contradictions. You need not be a clairvoyant to predict that the fate of the now extinct dinosuars awaits.

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If Nigeria is to survive these tumultuous times, she needs patriot’s and.leaders not blinded by religion or ethnicity to step on to the dance floor. Thus far, there are none with the capacity to pick up the gauntlet. The way things stand, only an Angel or a specie from another clime can be trusted with this arduous task of stitching this broken country apart. I have eavesdropped on some frustrated folks suggesting that someone or a group from the Military could do the job but the facts on the ground do not appear to give traction to that thesis as the Military itself appears fractured right through the middle, thanks to Bubu’s philosophy of Fulanization and proclivity for viewing virtually every aspect of leadership from an opaque religious lens. Privately, I know that thatb the Military itself is part of the problem To Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, biko, shine ya eye before they blow away whatever respect you may still be enjoying from Nigerians. To God Be The Glory.


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