..He’s an Icon, Says Umeche

….He’s a gentleman- Sr.Bagayang

… The book is therapeutic- Reviewer

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA- The Chaplain of the Kaduna Polytechnic Chaplaincy and Kaduna Archdiocesan Chairman Local Organising committee,( LOC) Synod on Synodality, Rev Fr. Vitus Valshima Borogo, has Celebrated his 50th, golden birthday in style with a book launch.

The Thanksgiving Mass/ celebration which held on Saturday, at the Our Lady of Apostles Catholic Church, Kaduna, attracted the Who is who in the Archdiocese, Nigeria and the globe; with Friends and well wishers appreciating God for His grace, mercies and blessings on the celebrant over these decades.Speaking the Celebrant and Author of the book ‘ Dynamics of Counselling ” Rev. Fr. Vitus Borogo says ” It feels eccelerating being 50; it’s a beginning of another chapter in my life and also it’s a period of thanksgiving and gratefulness being 50 in Nigeria, with all the stress, difficulties and insecurity, but one cannot but thank God for his love, protection and favour” he added

On his call for the youths and younger ones, he said ” the truth is that at this stage, what we can say is “depend on God” because I noticed around our country, wherever you go, whatever you do, they forces that are evil or negative are more; you can make your plans, but these negative forces and indices in the country have a way of dragging one down.

” However, we propose but God will always be the one to dispose us; so continue to depend on God ” he reiterated

According to him, the book is a clarion call and his little contribution to the healing of society ” the truth is that we have so many difficulties, hardship and problems in the society; mental and psycho- social and emotional problems that lead to other bigger problems”

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He further said” this is an attempt to help nip some of these problems in the bud, before they get out of hand and it’s a way of providing training for people who are counsellors or reminders to them and the book is also providing like a handbook to people who plan to go into counselling ” he stressed.

Similarly, the Father of the Day and Acting Chairman of the Occasion, Sir/ Chief Luke Umeche Onyoma, while expressing satisfaction on the success of the celebration, simply described the celebrant, saying ” Father Vitus Borogo, is an Icon; just call him an ICON!, from birth to today, he’s been a lucky fellow” I came to know him quite a long time ago, while he was still in Tudun- wada and since then he has been a very sound fellow”

He however said, ” well am not going to say he’s faultless; you see, how we know a good person is when your faults are less than your good, if the good is more than the faults you are are excellent; because i know most of us, our faults are more than our good, but we thank God for having him and he’ll go places ” he stated

While urging the celebrant to remain focused noted that the book he launched is”‘ a very technical book and well researched, i believe more people will read the book and come to thank him,

According to him, the several ills in the land is traumatizing Nigerians, ” Nigeria is now a land of ‘mad’ people; it’s a matter of the degree of madness, there’s anger, there’s despair, nobody is sure of tomorrow, even today, nobody is sure of anything, even the next minute and it makes us uncomfortable in taking wrong decisions in this situations we are now,

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Pointing out that “it requires just the grace of God for us going on; i recommend the book to everybody; every Nigerian should read it and see how to manage themselves ” he added

On her part the Superior of Sisters of the Oblate of Nazareth Nigeria, Sr Linda Abakasa Bagayang, described Father Vitus as ” very humble, a gentleman and very Kind,” adding that as the Chairman for the Synod on Synodality, ” I am his assistant and so i am here in this capacity to support him as he celebrates his 50th birthday, noting that celebrating one’s ” 50th Birthday, it’s not small,’ it’s a golden birthday, so i congratulate him”

According to her, on a day like this, “you have to look back where you have started and then think about where you are at the moment and where you are going and appreciate God in your life, how He has led him thus far and we pray that as he begins another step in his life that God will continue to bless and guide him in this phase of his life” she stressed

On his part, the Book Reviewer, a forensic and criminological psychologist from Nigerian Defence Academy,( NDA), Dr. Ruwan Felix Ignatius, who is also involved in the provision of counselling and Psycho Therapy to persons with criminogenic and abnormal tendencies said the book” Dynamics of Counselling’ talking about nurturing the culture of Counselling in Nigeria’ for me, the title is apt, appropriate and timely because before you go into writing, it’s imperative for you to understand the dynamics of what is eliciting some of the psycho- pathology, excesses and deficit in behaviors, abnormal tendencies that are within the society”

According to him, the ” book is therapeutic in itself, the book itself would be in a better position to solving most of the anti- social personality problems that we have today in Nigeria , you will agree with me that today, in Nigeria and globally, there’s an unprecedented upsurge in the rate of violent behaviours, and the gate way for violence in Nigeria is aggression, a part of pathology and another problem which we have in Nigeria is the gruesome killing of innocent persons and these persons belong to families”

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He lamented further, how traumatizing and excruciating these pains are ” there are people who come up with different disorder today in Nigeria, People face the problems of anxiety disorder, depression disorder, people face the problems of stress, dementia, people can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed for fear of the unknown, and there are socio- economic factors also; poverty, illiteracy, and lack of good governance has also contributed to some of these negative tendencies

” You will agree with me today that the family is the bedrock of the society there cannot be society without the family, the Church which we belong too cannot stand without the family adding that, today negative tendencies bedevil the family,; we have problems of domestic violence,spousal violence single parenting, truancy in school, oppositional deviant behaviours, throwing of violent tantrum, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other anti- social personality problems, people ventilate their anger by killing other innocent people across Nigeria” he stated

He then recommended the book to all and sundry” I want to encourage not only the elites, there are orphanage homes, schools, markets, church members they also need the book, it is imperative and pertinent that this Book is timely, so that, the book will be part of the problems solving we have in Kaduna state, Nigeria and the World at large ” he reiterated


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