By Shabanyan Kantiok

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA; A volunteer group converged in Kaduna on Friday to confirm their support and endorsement for the aspiration of Hon Barrister Sunday Marshall Katung ()SMK) of the PDP for the southern Kaduna Senatorial seat come 2023

The convener of the group, Hon Vincent Bodam stated that the right person to take over the senatorial position in zone three needs to be somebody who will listen and not to be listened to” we need sombody with intelect and practicable ideas. after a careful assessment the man is Barr Sunday Marshall katung, he’s capable and able to do the job”.he said.

Vincet Bodam further reiterated that the incumbent has done his best but the people of southern Kaduna need somebody who can do it better and that person is Barr Sunday Marshall Katung (SMK), who with pedigree has proven from his antecedents that he is with the youth and 70% of the zone’s population is covered by the youth.

Hon odam advised the volunteers to go back to their localities and convince the delegates on the need to vote for Barr Sunday Marshall Katung.

Comrade Emmanuel Zakka in his submissions stated that “he recalled vividly when students in the state owned institution were affected by the hike in tuition fees, some students were on the verge of dropping out from school, but the person of Sunday Marshall came to their rescue by paying scholarship to some students of the various state owned institutions

Emmanuel Zakka concluded by saying that the people of southern Kaduna have found a leader in Barr Sunday Marshall and “we are going to support him, pray for him and make other people to stand for him come 2023.” he added

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Similarly, Comrade Danjuma Ballo Sarki, a supporter of the movement, affirmed that in all the people aspiring for the senatorial position in Southern Kaduna, there is no credible and trusted candidate like Barr Sunday Marshal Katung (SMK) because he has spoken to us on several occasions, he has stated clearly his intentions and plans if he eventually becomes the winner. He added by saying the incumbent has done his best but the man who will continue from where he stops is Sunday Marshall.

In the same vain, Adamu Isah from Jama’a local government, added that “the group has seen a better representation in the Senate for the people of Southern Kaduna if Sunday Marshall Katung is given the madate” that is why we come out to support him, “he is a personality who looks at issues critically before taking any decisions”.

The event came to an end with Hon Vincent Bodam moving the motion for the endorsement of Barrister Sunday Marshall Katung and was supported by Comrade Dorathy and Comrade Emmanuel Junior Zakka respectively


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