By Ibrahima Yakubu

Ahead of the World  International  Women’s Day celebration, with the theme” Breaking the bias” slated for 8th march 2022, the Queen of Womenhood Foundation of Nigeria, Firdaus Abubakar has embarked on a ceaseless Campaign, and awareness to large numbers of  girl-students across the state .

The essence of the campaign is on the importance of sanitary Pads which according to her will help many young girls to always come to school and not miss out on their lectures.

While Stressing that providing a girl with underwears and sanitary pads may increase her chances of staying in school more than 30%, also Strengthens her capacity of acquiring more knowledge, so as to enable her fight illiteracy.

Addressing Journalists shortly, after her speech at College of Health Science and Technology Kaduna, she pointed out, that by giving girls sound  knowledge means to manage their menstrual hygiene effectively, and making sure they don’t miss out on their education.

“we must join hands collectively toward helping young girls stay at school, while encouraging some in the rural areas to continue “ she said

Adding that, keeping girls in school is important to their health and development—not only for the girls but for their communities and countries, simply because when girls stay in school, they are less likely to get HIV infection, wages go up, teenage pregnancy rates go down, and the children they have are healthier

Speaking further, Firdausi, said Adolescent girls often lack knowledge regarding reproductive health including menstruation which can be due to socio-cultural barriers in which they grow up, noting that, it is important to educate adolescents about issues related to menstruation so that they can safeguard themselves and hold implications for professionals involved in improvement of reproductive health.

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She also insisted that, awareness regarding menstrual hygiene was high among the girl students, but practice for proper menstrual hygiene was low compared to studies done in similar settings, as most of them were not aware of the hygienic practices to avoid infection, odour and frequency to change the sanitary pads

Earlier ,the chairperson of the Foundation of Nigeria, Amina Ibrahim Marafa, said they have organized  the event to call on women (youths and children) to participate more in decision making through contributing their quota towards the development of the country.

She said that women are very gifted when it comes to homebuilding and child upbringing, hence the need for women to come out and take part in key position in offices and politics.

Adding  that traditional and religious leaders should give their women chance to participate and give their own contribution as they could do better in some key positions rather than been sidelined and reduced to domestic and home keeping functions alone.

She then charged women to also come out and contest for some positions in politics and display their talents as the women are been seen as the back bone of the world as well as helping in Nation building.

While calling on the Government to bring in more women in the polity by giving more space to women in places of leadership position such as chancellors, chairmen and President among others.

In her own contribution, the SUG President of the foundation, Florence Bitrus, stated that women are been recognized now, for women been given a special day for celebration, it means that they can now come out and speak out their grievances and display their talent as they have more to give.

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According to her ” saying that women are very important in every aspect of life, and if given the opportunity they could do better than anyone can imagine

“Women can change the world as they have alot to give, if given voices and chance to express what they have, it would go a long way in bringing development to the country and world at large.


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