NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: As Court sacks Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State for defection from the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), a Youth Development Group, simply known as Grassroot Movers has counselled a member House of Reps, Samaila Suleiman against dumping his party for another to avoid falling into an electoral litigation.

Convener of the group, Yusuf Bala in a press statement challenged Suleiman to be sensitive to the feelings of the electorate in Kaduna North Federal Constituency and the party which made him a popular politician for a decade.

He explained that Samaila rose from an obscure position to become a Chairman and federal lawmaker on the mandate of people of Kaduna North whom he noted wouldn’t be pleased with the politician’s latest move to the opposition party for personal advantage.

” He must thread with caution not to fall into the Ebonyi scenario for his selfish interest to continue to be relevant on political scene of Kaduna North.

” His motive of trying to change party was informed by the fact that he has foreseen that his current party, the APC won’t be giving him a platform to be their flag bearer in the forthcoming 2023 election.

” So he intends to join the PDP which already has loyal and committed party members who have remained in the party despite the challenge of being isolated from scene of politics of the day.

” Suleiman has been an elected public official for ten years, eight in the Green Chamber with nothing tangible to show other than budgeting 45 million to empower 200 roadside tea vendors who ended up getting 20, 000 naira each.

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” Kaduna North is a cosmopolitan constituency that deserves impactful projects not empowering tea sellers and water vendors.

” We advise he dedicates the concluding part of his second term to make some little impact on lives of his constituency instead of trying to cause disharmony and political litigations in a hitherto peaceful party.

” He should also be bold enough to slug it out with whomever is interested in snatching his seat in the APC if he is confident of his 8 years stewardship in the House before his infamous adventure will lead him to facing Ebonyi Governor’s fate.

” Does Hon. Samaila Suleiman think the PDP will betray her loyal members and give him the ticket of Kaduna North Federal lawmaker?

“Providence will not be kind to any party which decided to give newcomers preferential treatment at the detriment of committed members who have demonstrated loyalty and fidelity.

” Our advice to the lawmaker is to remain put where he is and be satisfied with what he has gained politically in the past two decades.

” Providence will reward him in some strange ways in future by choosing him for perhaps a bigger public assignment, ” Bala said.


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