By Frederick Peters,  KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The General Superintendent  of Assembly of God Northern Nigeria (AGNN,) Rev Dr. Yakubu Pam, has called on Nigerians to pray for the unity and Peace of the country as we on the threshold to the 2023 general elections.

He called for calm and positive dispositions as people of different faiths to move the country out of its myriad of challenges.

Pam further admonished the faithful to be focused, and pray for the spirit of nationhood and build bridges across faiths as the times are perilous.

Revs Pam, Movel, Ibrahim, others at the service

He made the call while speaking to Newsmen shortly, after ministering at the Maiden Mega Service of Assembly of God Northern Nigeria, with the theme ” Double Portion ” on Saturday in Kaduna.

 ” all  we need is the unity of Nigeria and also that we are at a period that is very challenging for the country, at this moment that we are approaching a time of transmiting from one administration to another and so every body needs to be praying and also we should be calm, let us not be involved in motivating the youth for the negative 

” and also lets be positive in our churches and mosques and let all believe that we need one country and we must fight for it, and we must  continue to put our leaders in God’s hand, it’s not easy at this moment globally, talk less of our own country, that we know, we are struggling with a lot of challenges

” My call to Christians at this trying times is  very clear, the Bible has said it that we are living in perilous times, is a time that every one knows that there rumors of wars, it is now not rumors of war but realities of wars, we have between Russia and Ukraine and many others, that attention have not been drawn into and so we must be prayerful and be focused” he stressed

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According to him”  Our first priority is where we are, if you are not safe, you cannot save another country and we pray that we shouldn’t bring the fight of other countries in to our country, we should maintain our challenges and how God will help us with wisdom to solve our own problems,  it’s not time for religious differences, but time for us to build the brigdes of unity and live with one another” he said

While describing the outcome of Maiden Mega Service saying ”  we are happy, we know that every vision grows gradually, and we’re happy with the growth here, the efforts the pastors are putting here and i know that it is going to yield more friuts, so it’s a thing of joy to see the leaders of Kaduna mobilize people up to this level, that shows there’s s great and strong leadership in Kaduna

” and they are going to do alot to support the mission and opening of churches and also help the government with prayers and it’s time of interface with with other religious leaders we’ll do everything possible because we cannot survive just as a church without a country, our priority is as much as we need churches to pray we also need a country to identify and build, with the spirit of nationhood” he reiterated

Similarly, the Assistant General Superintendant of Assembly of God Northern Nigeria, Rev Dr James Movel Wuye, said the essence of the event ” is a declaration of our committment to worship and do mission work, so we have called ourselves together in this maiden mega meeting to motivate the church towards holiness, righteousness and good relation, that the church would not just be a place for people to come and complain, but a place for transformation,

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” that’s why our leader said we should be transformers, those who transform things from bad to good, and that’s why we are here to call back holiness, righteous and direction for the church adding that the movement was established  iin 2017, but actually became “more conspicuous in the last two years”

He further called on Christians to desire  ” holiness and righteous without which no man can see the Lord, we must come back to God and live a righteous life; the fighting in the court must stop, our brothers who have taken some of us to court should stop the Court, the Bible is against litigation by christians, so we are saying all of us should learn to forgive and let’s work as one people with one destiny and that destiny is heaven” 

 He added by calling on Christians to follow peace with all irrespective of faiths and always use love to overcome. He also used the occasion to wish christians a successful Lenten season while wishing same to Muslims who will later commence Ramadan fast,  adding that, as we fast and repent of our sins, God will heal and free us from insecurity, with the call on those involved in kidnapping to repent and do better things ” so that we can have a peaceful country through Christ our Lord”  he added

In the same vein, Rev Dr. Sunday Ibrahim, the General Secretary, said the “Assembly of God Northern Nigeria, is a new movement that started some few years ago, and like you can see, Kaduna District is holding her Mega service and you can see the mammoth crowd , so God is really doing a new thing adding that ” when we say, it’s a movement, it means, we are coming out from the old to the new and as God  says” behold I do a new thing, so this movement is by the Holy spirit, and that’s what you can see here”

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 He said ” the core essence of being a christian is to evangelize, the core reason of the Assembly of God Northern Nigeria is to evangelize the north, but its not just the north, not just Nigeria or Africa, but also to evangelize the entire World, that’s the mandate handed over to us by Jesus Christ, ‘ it’s not the issue positions, but the issue of fellowship, he  stressed

Responding the District superintendant kaduna, AGNN, Rev Emmanuel Daudu, impressed by the visit of the GSAGNN and the large turn out of brethren pointed out  that the mega service was to spread the gospel ” and seeing the crowd today, it’s like a miracle to me, we’ve never held any AGNN Meeting like it and it’s successful and i’m very happy and  i know God is happy with us” he added

He then admonished AGNN members to be devoted in prayers, to evangelize more people into the movement and to stop any crisis in the church, while calling on all and sundry to maintain peace with one another to move the country forward.


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