BY Hon. Rasheed Adekeye

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: There is no doubt that Dr. Bashir Yusuf Jamoh remains one of the most qualified technocrat that the combinations of his emotional intelligence and education is always visible in the discharge of his duty.

As politicking across the country is on the top gear, and notable sons of Kaduna state have declared their intentions to run for the number one seat of the state come 2023. But the question on the lips of many is who succeeds El-rufai, while many others have said that Jamoh remain the best option for the state.

Apart from his on ground accessibility and his grassroot political mobilization prowess, he also remains a bridge builder that is committed to the welfare of his people. One thing that the astute administrator and team player in the management of human and resources had already nutured was his quest to extend his developmental strides, not only to his district but to the whole of Kaduna State through qualitative governance.

Also, many are of the opinion that his quest to govern Kaduna State in 2023 was not far from several calls by both the old and the young in the state. This followed his antecedents in private and public service, and human development.

As things are currently going, and Governor El-Rufai is gradually preparing to leave office precisely in May 29, 2023. Dr. Bashir Yusuf Jamoh is currently getting the much needed clout to position him as the next Governor of Kaduna State. The body language of the party members in the state show that Dr. Jamoh is a candidate to beat, having gotten Mamoth support within and outside the party circuit and the state at large.

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The edge that Jamoh may likely be having over other aspirants in APC was that he is a man that is known to be a detribalised person. Jamoh’s exposure, intellectual capacity and vast experience are virtues that may likely be missing in others who are also vying for the number one position in the state.

Despite his steadfast and upright principle, he is one of the most benevolent human on earth. Yes give it to him, he has built a formidable name starting from his humble beginning as a teacher and now the current Director General NIMASA. The conviction of his mission also gave him an edge above other aspirants. The possibility of Jamoh succeeding Mallam El-Rufai as Governor of Kaduna State in 2023 is not in doubt.

As many notable sons of Kaduna State have declared to run in the forthcoming gubernatorial primaries election. Jamoh is currently gathering momentum back in Kaduna as it stands the chance of winning the party ticket considering his quality of being personate and being a visionary leader.

His notable virtues made many political analysts within and outside Kaduna State to that Dr. Jamoh is considered to be the best for Kaduna State come 2023. Also many have said that, Jamoh may be the dark horse in the race and the right man for the job, and if given the opportunity to steer the affairs of the state, Kaduna will be the second to Dubai.

No doubt that in the political calculation of Kaduna state, Jamoh is gradually attracting many eyes to himself with. Many stakeholders beyond APC family admitted that Dr. Bashir Yusuf Jamoh is ready for the job, going by his commitment, passion, and leveraging all the political and social capital he had acquired over the years on the affairs of the state.

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Though, in fairness there are other eminently qualified aspirants, let face reality, they are all fine candidates but, in the professional judgements of political analysts, Dr. Jamoh stands a better chance, because he has over the years not only as a public servant with 32years of experience, but he has become a brand that is embedded in the minds of Kaduna State people.

Hon. Rasheed Adekekey is a political youth leader and analyst writes from Kaduna.


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