By Abdulwaheed Olayinka Adubi

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: Like never before, the Kaduna NUJ Council is recording tremendious development, especially in the area of creating conducive environment for its members which is currently aiding professionalism and efficiency that is expected of professional journalists. There is no doubt that the serene environment has created some level of respect for the Union.

Asmau Yawo Halilu is on the threshold of history, being the first female Chairman of NUJ Kaduna Council and the second in the country at large. As a woman of history; Asmau is making efforts to write her name in gold as a pace setter. With the visible achievements recorded so far in the last 100 days of her stewardship, no doubt that Asmau is a goal getter.

Her capacity, activeness in office, sincerity of heart and purpose, maturity in handling matters, and uniqueness in approach to issues regarding the welfare of members are already attesting to the popular assertion that says: ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better, considering her vision and the ‘Midas Touch’.

” My vision is to ensure that all members of the Kaduna NUJ Council feel the impact of our leadership and to uphold professionalism. During the electioneering campaign, we promised to create a conducive environment for members and we are fulfiling them gradually and these are visible.

” The Welfare of our members is also key to us as leaders, prioritizing welfare will surely return the Council to its glorious days of honour and respect amongst members”, Asmau emphazided.

However, for those who are very familiar with the Kaduna NUJ Council before the emergence of Asmau Yawo Halilu in the last 100 days, can testify to the fact that the new leadership is on the right track. Today, whoever comes to the NUJ Secretariat, the first question on their lips is who is the new angel of NUJ Kaduna Council?

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Within the shortest period of time, the confidence of members have been restored. This followed the transparency and accountability of Asmau’s leadership. “Transparency and accountability is the watchword of our leadership and the unity of our members is also our priority. Our prayer is that May God Almighty guard and guide us to be able to keep to our electioneering campaign promises,” Asma’u said.

Asmau’s intellectualism, rationalism and being a kind-hearted person with the spirit of forgiveness, inclusiveness are the virtues that have attracted members of the Council to her. No doubt, Asmau is a game changer, a passionate leader with vision. Within the spate of her leadership, she has provided an office to the Correspondents’ Chapel within the Secretariat of the NUJ Kaduna Council.

“The reason behind this concept is to promote unity amongst our members. And beyond that, it does not sound nice that the Correspondents’ Chapel struggles to pay for a rented office. We are also working on that of NAWOJ, so that the female Journalists can have an office of their own within the NUJ Secretariat. It is our responsibility as leaders to ensuring that our members are doing well,” she explained.

To her credit, the sporting activities in the Council that have gone into comatose for years is gradually coming back to life, as work has commenced on how to have a Sports Gallery. Asmau’s dream is to have a Sport Gallery that is full of modern equipments and this is already on the way.

” These are the qualities that we saw in Asmau. and we are happy that her electioneering campaign promises are being carried out one after the other. It is our believe that she can do better with the support of members. Her performances are strange to us in the Council. Within this short period of time, she has performed excellently well,” the former NNN Chapel’s Chairman, Nicholas Dekera applauded.

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It is also on record, for the first time in the history of Kaduna NUJ, Asmau leadership has introduced NUJ Thrift and Co-operative Society for members. The emergence of the new executives has also seen the re-introduction of the International Institute of Journalism ( IIJ ) course which for over the years has been terminated.

Within this period, the Union has also partnered 7-up Bottling Company for the painting of the Secretariat. And the fulfilment of the terms and conditions by the duo has given a new look to the Secretariat.

Also, the leadership of Asmau had recently secured a ford galaxy car for the Union, being donated by the Senator representing Kaduna Central, Sen. Uba Sani. The leadership training of State Executive Council ( SEC ) members by the Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is another milestone of Asmau’s leadership.

” The leadership training has succeeded in shaping the minds of the leadership of Chapels on how best to lead their respective Chapels. The training has also closed the gap that existed between the members and the leadership,” the Chairman FRCN Chapel, Umar Adamu Sarkinfada explained.

Before her emergence, there was no single functional rest room, (toilet) within the secretariat for members of the Council. But today, the story has changed as the new executives led by Asmau has upgraded the abandoned toilet facility for the benefit of the members.

With the visible achievements recorded so far, even the blind can feel it. This is to say, it is no longer news that the combination of Asmau Yawo Halilu as Chairman, Daniel Duniya as Vice Chairman, Gambo Santos as Secretary, Salisu Ibrahim as Auditor, Gabriel Idibia as Ex-officio 1 and Matata Abdullahi as Ex-officio 2, is already leading the Council to a success.


In this ‘Transformation Journey’, the Can-Do-Spirit of Asmau is already putting the Council on an enviable position.


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