By Ibrahima Yakubu

Newsdailynigeria: Not less than 20 scientists, horticulturists, geologists,  climatologists Volunteers have been mobolized to save 70 roots of plants  (Dates fruits) against drought, climate change .bush burning.and other environmental factors in Kaduna

The essence of the cleaning up, the 70 roots of Date’s fruits, is to avert spreading the Fruit’s diseases, germs and various infectious and other ecological challenges into the environment

Reports has it that the (dates fruits) was planted last 10 years back in front  of State house kaduna formally, known as General Hassan katsina house , but all the plants were abandoned due to negligence, I don’t care attitude by past administration, and lack of adequate water supply, and dirtiness of the plant environment .

A Team of scientists under the leadership of Teku international farm then  deemed it fit to mobilise 20 volunteers from different fields of  horticulture, botany,agriculture, environment and climatologists to come to the rescue of these plants, in order to save them against challenges associated with desertification, climate change and environmental degradation .

In an interview with Ibraahim Salisu who is the General Manager of Teku International Farm Kaduna, he says, they came out today with the sole aim of cleaning up the surrounding the of the whole 70 plants roots , so that it would start producing good fruits for everyone to eat in the state . 

According to him,  the act of negligence affected the growth of the plants, as no one cared to know the condition of the fruits for all the past years. 

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“We have checked all the plant’s and discover that they are alive and strong as some of them have started producing good fruits while others produces flowers. 

” when they grow up, hundreds of Nigerians would surely benefits from them, “

” Dates fruit usually Produces hundreds of bounce in a year, and that can feed many people passing by to have some things to eat”

Similarly ,the Drector African Climate Reporters Comrade Nurudden Bello says,  these plants are very important in the state simply because of the location ,and the historical background of the place in which they were planted. 

He said, Dates- fruits are very important in the fight against desert encroachment, global warming, flood disaster, deforestation, and reduces guilly erosion. 

Pointing that the state need more plant’s species to reduce global warming and other ecological challenges. 

Stressing that they all joined  hands together today, to come out and clean -up the entire premises of these plants so that it would produce fruits for both human, animal and other living organism to benefit from.

“it is  our hope that many citizens and animals would benefit from these fruits ” While ” appealing to all Nigerians to always plant trees to save the environment against all forms of ecological challenges. 

He then called on state governments to recruit some volunteersand staff so that they would be watering the plants always. In order to save them from getting dried up, due to shortages of water. 

Adding that many plants species across the universe Now faces extinctions due to human irrational activities of cutting down trees 

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He also said the demand for timber, fire wood and charcoal is threatening the existence of all the 19 northern state’s forestry. 

” Dates -fruits are part of the plants that are resistance to climate change and deforestation”

While calling on citizens to stop throwing thrash around the sorrunding of the plants

He ended up by drawing the attention of climatologists, environmentalists,and other scientists to be educating the general public on the importance of planting trees while protecting them against climate change, drought,, desertification, deforestation and environmental degradation


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