By Shabanyan Kantiok

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Catholic Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (CAMPAN), Kaduna chapter, has offered  free medical services, consultations and health talks to the needy in Kaduna.

The one day medical intervention held on Saturday at the Catholic social center, Kaduna, attracted patients, medical personnel, media and other stakeholders

Speaking the Chaplain of Catholic Media Practitioners of Nigeria,( CAMPAN) Kaduna Chapter, Rev Fr. Stephen Onyema, said the Catholic Church is always committed in saving souls not only through its Christian teachings but also by organizing health programmes for better understanding of their health status, 

He then urged participants to take advantage of the program in order to educate people in their various localities.

Similarly, the Chairman of Catholic Media Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria,(CAMPAN) Kaduna.state chapter, Mr Nicolas Dekera stated that the comfort of a man is in his wellbeing and right information about his health status, because health is wealth, 

He  further said  “it is not okay to have seif-medications without proper information and medical check ups, that is why we come up with this programme for the people to improve their health standard with good information.”

In the same vein,  Dr. Murtala Umar from the National Eye Care Center, Kaduna, while speaking on the effect of diabetes to the eye, submitted that the complications of diabetes affect the eyes because the nerves from the brain are connected to the eyes,

 He further stated that in every one hundred people( 100) , twenty (20) are diabetic patients unknowingly. adding that “type one diabetes always occur from 20 years and above, while type two diabetes start to occur from 40 years”.

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While pointing out that most of diabetic patients have sight defects, he urged those with eye problems to always check their sugar level to confirm if they are diabetic or not.

On her part, Mrs Clara Mara from the Blood Transfusion Commission of Nigeria, during her presentation harped on the need for people to donate blood, adding that,  blood donation helps to save the lives of those who have cancer or leukemia, children with severe anaemia, accident victims, patients with sickle cell anaemia and patients undergoing surgical operations. 

According to her, those who donate blood regularly within the stipulated period live healthier,  look younger and less prone to cancer, liver damage and stroke.

The Vice Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalist, (NUJ) Kaduna State Council, Comrade Daniel Duniya, congratulated CAMPAN for a successful campaign and appreciated all the speakers from various organizations for taking out time to educate participants on various health related issues.

The one day medical intervention also featured talks on “Child spacing- the Catholic way” and  “first Aid treatment for Accident victims” facilitated by the CMD, St Gerald’s General Hospital Kaduna.

Highpoints of the event include, question/answers session , medical consultations for blood pressure, eye and sugar level checks, couple with several commendations by participants to the organizers for the laudable initiative.


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