NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Interfaith Forum Of Muslims and Christians Women’s Associations also known as Women’s Interfaith council, ( WIC) has organised her 6th annual Ramadan lecture in Kaduna

The 2022 lecture with the theme ‘Accumulation and distribution of weailth, the Islamic perspective’ was held at the Ansar- ru-Deen society, Kaduna on Tuesday, with various women’s interfaith associations and groups in attendance.

In her message for the month of Ramadan and iftar, the Executive Director, WIC, Rev Sr. Veronica Onyeanisi OLA  said ” our thoughts turn in gratitude to Almighty GOD who has protected all of us in his province ,we pray for the dead and the sick with sorrow and hope .

” Sharing finds its most profound motivation in the awareness that all we are and all we have are gifts from GOD and. That ,in consequences ,we have to put our talents at the service of all our brothers and sisters,sharing what we have with them 


Sr Veronica said ” our hope  dear muslim brothers and sisters ,is that we continue sharing the joy and sorrows of all our neighbours and friends because GOD ‘s love embraces every person and the entire universe” she then wished the Muslim faithful a peaceful , fruitful Ramadan and a joyful celebration of Idel-Fitr

Similarly, General coordinator, WIC, Hajia Amina Kazaure, said  ” you know Ramadan is a special month and we need to sensitize and remind our people of its essence  and one of the essence of Ramadan is that Allah has given us this month, so that the people that are privileged and have abundant wealth can also feel and taste the hunger that the less privileged face as a sign of ‘ibadat’

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” So it is very important that we come together to remind people of that, talk about things that affect us and then the little we can get, we share some love to the less privileged in the society to ensure that we ease their problems

“Adding that, as an annual event” we believe by doing it, we bring people together, share experiences, share our differences and lots and the essence of the Ibadat in the  month is that  ” it needs a lot of sacrifice, to prepare our hearts and souls  and emotions” She further expressed her satisfaction with the outcome and turnout ” am sure that most of the groups have been represented here

Earlier, while  presenting a paper on ‘Accumulation and distribution of weailth, the Islamic perspective’ the immediate past Women affairs chairperson of NASFAT. Hajia Kudirat Akinwale, gave an insight on wealth both general and the Islamic perspective, ” but in Islamic perspective, it means those bounties that Allah has granted us in terms of properties, that’s material and interms of children Allah has endowed us with”

According to her, the problem is how people aquire these wealth ” sometimes people tend to aquire both the forbidden  and the allowed, which Islam is very clear about it;  you should only acquire your wealth in the ‘halal: the one that is allowed


Adding that, having acquired wealth rightly, it should be distributed to the needy, the poor, it shouldn’t be restricted but spread across board, doing that will not deplete but increase ones wealth

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On his part, the Chairman of Ansur-ru-deen society, Kaduna Branch, Alhaji Ishola Adeyemi, while welcoming  WIC members commended their efforts towards interreligious harmony saying ” firstly, their coming together is God’s blessings and for their efforts in making people of different religions come together means they have good intentions for the nation.

According to him, women are the ones that make the world come together, ‘they make it a peaceful place to stay’ he added

On the Ramadan lecture, he said ” basically, in the Islamic way people are expected to acquire wealth in a ‘Halal’/ pure way, rather than do some shady things to raise money or do rituals to raise money which is dominant in the world today” he lamented

On her part, the Christian coordinator, Mrs Elizabeth Abuk,  said “we are here to celebrate and also receive the blessings of Ramadan together with our Muslim sisters adding that ” Women’s interfaith council had been an organization that brings Muslims and Christians together, so it’s not a new thing, because this is the 6th in the series,  during Christmas, we celebrated the Christmas carol together and today we are here to celebrate Ramadan

She said peaceful coexistence, dialogue when there are misunderstandings are instruments their disposal at WIC, while admonishing ” Muslims and Christians to live together, be our brothers keeper, work together so that Nigeria can become more united and that the hope of women” she added

Similarly, the Muslim coordinator, Daharatu Ahmed Aliyu,, said ” we are here to mark the 6th annual Ramadan lecture iftar and support for widows adding that

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It is an annual event which the Muslim members of WIC organized in the spirit of Ramadan, a month of Ibada/supplication, it’s a month of giving, peace building, a month of service to humanity and many more

She said the idea of holding the program at Ansar-ru-deen is strategic ” Ansar-ru-Deen is a Muslim environment, and we decided that both the Christians and muslims will mark the  6th annual Ramadan in ansarudeen vicinity and by the glory of Almighty Allah they authority granted our request, and we are happy to be here”

While harping on the theme of the lecture, she urged the people to use their God given wealth notwithstanding the size of wealth, they should be able to share to people irrespective of the religious, ethnic, social persuasions


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