…Says, ‘the future Of Your Children is In danger’

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The People’s Democratic Party, ( PDP) presidential hopeful , Dr Peter Obi, has appealed to the party’s delegates and Nigerians not to mortgage the future of their children and country by selling their votes.

He urged the delegates to do the needful as the future of their wards is in danger, by voting based on the impeccable credentials and competence of the aspirant(s) to deliver rather than any monetary inducement and other trivial considerations.

Obi maintained his committment to  offer the right leadership for Nigerians and Nigeria, if given the mandate by making the country a producing and not a Consumption entity.

He made this call during his presidential campaign visit to Kaduna PDP secrateriat on Monday, where he further  noted that the country had all it takes for greatness, adding that with the right leadership, insecurity, economic and social challenges among others can be addressed.

” So delegates, mothers and fathers, that are here, I have cone to plead with you, people that the future of your children is in danger; it’s time to stop this, it’s time to start changing this country”

He admonished the delegates that as the aspirants come to canvass support and votes from them” if any body gives you money, take it, don’t say no to money,  it could be your money; if they give you, take it, but I ‘m begging, l’m begging  you, help to build a better future

” if you take that money, don’t allow the money to influence your voting, we have done this over the years and all of us are losers; we can either continue to do, we can continue to shortchange ourselves; we can continue to do the wrong thing or start to do the right thing”

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According to him”  when you go to vote, take the picture of your children and put in front of you, pray over it and ask yourself a question’ this child of mine, these children of mine, do I want them to continue to live in a society of hopelessness, do I want them to be where nobody can go from Abuja to Kaduna, 

” do I want them to continue to live where all they hear is killing everyday, do I want them to continue to live in a society where they will enter a train and they’ll not be sure of their destination,  do I want them to live in a place where there’s no school, hunger, no food? or do I want them to live where there’s food, jobs, where they can be proud to live in?” he stressed

He further said, he will invest on the youths into making them productive as the country cannot continue to share for the monthly allocation in Abuja” we cannot continue to share because what we are sharing has ended” he said

” All we need to do is to move Nigeria from consumption to production, I know how to do it, I am a wealth creator, I want to empower our young people, we have talented hardworking youths, what we need is to support them, it’s not turning them into beggers, these are factory workers,these are people who can bring wealth to the country” he added

Earlier Obi’s Campaign Director, Chief Doyin Okupe, said Kaduna state belongs to the PDP,  that it is only on lease to the APC and that the leasing will end in 2023, when Peter Obi becomes President. He said as one of the many qualified PDP aspirants, any of them can beat any of the many aspirants of the APC at the poll.

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He said Peter Obi’s educationally, public and private sectors scorecard is unprecedented,  maintaining that Nigeria’s engine is knocked down and his Principal is the only capable mechanic to fix Nigeria back, evident by the work he did as governor of Anambra among Others

In his welcome remarks, the Kaduna State PDP Chairman, Hon.Hassan Hyat, while appreciating the visit, and reiterating the need for the delegates and voters to remember the future of their children and nation in making their choices, also lamented how Nigeria has become a dependent instead of a producing nation.

According to him, Kaduna PDP delegates will not vote for a northerner or southerner, but a capable Nigerian, that can fix the country; because the state is the worst hit on the issue of insecurity in Nigeria , he added


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