By Gotta Albehu Dauda

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: I should make it crystal clear upfront that I am not Sen Danjuma Lash’s hired pen for whatever reason(s,) or cause. therefore simply exercising that basic right to freedom of speech. I have written before and am writing again to say with all the grit and honesty of purpose that the Southern Kaduna nation.did not and have not rejected Sen Danjuma Tella Laah and to say as bluntly as I possibly can.that he is the insidious and evil conspiracy hatched here in Kaduna, the State capital. It is not for me to suggest to the Senator who members of the conspirators are because he knows them, all of them. The conspiracy to ensure the loss of Senatorial ticket to the ticket to the anointed had been foretold and that Danjuma Lash lost was simply.actomg.a script long ago written.

Assuming that Danjuma Lash did not know.of the conspiracy and whatever reason(s) or theories they.may have advanced for the conspiracy, he received more than enough early warnings that the conspiracy was being hatched . But like Julius Ceaser in that epic drama of the same title, who was warned by a lowly shoe mender ( cobbler) to beware of the idles of March, Ceacer heard that warning very clearly but stubbornly refused to take heed and the conspirators had their way and so it has been for.Danjuma Laah.

Similarly, Sen Danjuma Tella Laah cannot claim have been warned not by an individual but by many, but like Ceaser, he refused or to be fair to him failed to take the required preemptive action . Unlike Ceaser, Danjuma Lash is alive and strong enough to fight another fight, another day. I hold the view and strongly too that Danjuma Laah.should and must fight back with all that is in his arsenal to put the evil cartel to shame. His strength lies in the fact that he has a large number of foot soldiers (The voting masses of Southern Kaduna). The voting masses usually will go along with the political.leader they know and trust.

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I warned that if our Southern Kaduna folks repeat the past errors of remaining glued politically to PDP, it will then mean that they have not yet understood the dangers.of.opposition politics. Our Southern Kaduna people are a proud and free people but they have largely chosen to remain chained by holding on to PDP as if a religion. Even so, the Christian faith does not enslave anyone. The moment one feels there is need to exit Christianity to another faith, such is at liberty to migrate. The judgement if any at all is the Lord’s not man’s. If you honestly seek my position on Danjuma Tella Laah, I will very honestly advice him not to touch PDP again even with a 12 foot long pole. For him, the dice has been cast.


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