…Lauds the invaluable contribution of Journalists.

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Former Director General of Media and Publicity to the immediate past governor of Kaduna State, Governor Muktar Ramalan Yero,  AIh. Ahmed Maiyaki has given reasons why he donated the Internet facility to the Nigeria Union of Journalists, ( NUJ) Kaduna State Council.

The Journalist turn politician, said the media has given him much more hence, the need to give back a little, with assurances of sustaining this gesture to the union when the need arises.

According to him, a place like NUJ Secretariat needs a functional Internet facility to facilitate seamless reportage for journalists among other things.

Maiyaki disclosed this during the presentation of the lnternet facility, at the NUJ secretariat, Kaduna on Friday.

” So for me whatever thing I have become or whatever I am today, my beginning started from the council. I always look at NUJ as my home, so whatever little thing I have I need to look back at my origin. Giving to NUJ is not enough because NUJ has given much more than we have given to the NUJ. 

” Every day Journalists play the watchdog role of the society, reporting ASUU strike, reporting about welfare of staff of other organizations, and every other sectors of the society, but there is nobody to fight for the Journalists.”

He said ” Nigeria media members have family members, they have responsibilities in the family, every demand of the society is also shouldered on the Nigeria media men. Unfortunately they speak for others, nobody speak for them,”

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While lamenting the difficulties journalists faced in the course of their reportage in the past, said ” But with the advent of internet facilities, democratization of news content, news become instantaneous, what you do now, people will read it now. You can now send out your story as it happens. Live video coverage from the event centre becomes easier because of the availability of internet facilities.

” Unfortunately, I can remember when I was very active, reporting for Radio France, we have to go round all the business centre looking for internet facilities which in most cases were very poor, trying to send three minutes report. It became a very huge task. 

” But now we have better Internet facilities because at a time we had two Gig to three Gig to four Gig now, and  five Gig is already on his way. So you can now see the peak at which you can send your story and also be informed.”

He further said”  I feel that a place like NUJ should have internet facility. It is not that the place did not have one before. But it had been very unstable. I believe we should give this facility to members to assess for their daily reporting. This facility can accommodate at least 64 members at a go to send out their stories. Instead of going to Cafe or buying individual data.

According to him” this facility will also bring members closer. The current leadership of the council is working hard to unite members. This internet facility will bring the people together and make the council more active. There should be something to keep people around, it is a global thing in public places where there are internet facilities. I feel that this facility will aid the work of Journalists who are the watchdog of the society. 

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” We should do our work to put government in check for good governance and provision of infrastructural development, education, health development etc. By the time we put government in check, it will sit up.

” But we must do our work responsibly, we should not always be in a hurry to churn out stories that are not factual. If you churn our false story you will also be harming the society. And interestingly, the current leadership of the council has taken it upon itself that factual reports are enhanced in Kaduna. If you look around, Kaduna NUJ is wearing a new look and members are getting united.

”  So the best way to compliment this effort is to bring this internet facility for members to use. I don’t want to be like every day politicians that will make promises that they will never fulfilled. However, apart from this internet I will continue to support the council with funds in order to bring more facilities that are necessary for our work” he added

He further charged media owners and journalists to continue to work for the common good rather than their personal and political aggrandizement, with a call that the ” media must remain ethically responsible” especially as we approach the 2023 general elections.

Responding, the Chairman, Kaduna State Council of NUJ, Hajiya Asmau Yawo Halilu, said ” We are very delighted for the good gesture from our Senior Colleague, Ahmed Maiyaki for donating internet facility to our council. We have plan to do this for our members but we are happy that he decided to assist in providing the internet facility.

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” One good thing about this internet is that it can take 64 persons at a time. It has a coverage of 150 metres. It will ease the work of our members. It will help our members in saving their personal data and time of going to Cafe.

”  So are very grateful to Ahmed Maiyaki for fulfilling the promise he made during the commissioning ceremony of some of the facilities of the council on May 14, 2022.” She added


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