NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: If you have been following commentaries across various media platforms, you would have observed a well orchestrated and even choreographed attack on the Peter Obi candidacy by jittery elements of the major but soon-to-be opposition Parties. These elements have been trying everything they could in the last few days to excavate whatever they can, or at least create some mud in an apparently futile attempt to diminish the raging acceptability of the Peter Obi candidacy by a wide range of Nigerians.

Unfortunately, these hirelings neither could excavate anything tangible, nor do they have the fecundity to create anything reasonable, hence, their resort to some very laughable narratives and puerile propaganda aimed at the Peter Obi candidacy. These are the same people who have been all over the place telling us how unrealistic the Peter Obi project is. Wouldn’t it have been best for those who consider Peter Obi, a no threat, to concentrate on those they consider some threats? Yet, in the last few weeks, a keen follower of political events would think that Peter Obi is the only presidential candidate in Nigeria at the moment, given the desperate attacks on his person and senseless questions on his performance as a governor in Anambra State.

There cannot be any logical denial of Peter Obi’s pacesetting achievements as Anambra governor. The facts of his reformative, deliberate and well-targeted revolutions in all sectors of Anambra economy are there for anyone who truly desire some information to access. Reducing Peter Obi’s legacies to the unprecedented level of financial probity, which saw him saving billions of Naira for Ndi Anambra, would be being mischievous. But, even if we want to be that mischievous, it is still unprecedented among current crop of Nigerian political leaders, especially, those who have presented themselves to be considered for election as next President of Nigeria.

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One of the candidates is notorious for privatizing most of Nigeria’s major assets into his private pockets, and it is from the dividends that he has continued to present himself for election at every election year since he was disgraceful outing as Vice-president. The other one is being accused of pocketing the economy of Nigeria’s largest economy and progressively underdeveloping that State since 1999. Today, due to the records of these two inglorious candidates, Nigeria has been recolonized with debts from just about everywhere, while Nigeria’s Center of Commerce continues to be sunk by debts, while the infrastructure and people of that State are sorry sights to think of.

Peter Obi is unlike many Nigerian politicians who only embark on programs for the instant popularity it will accord them. The former Anambra State governor has his ANIDS signature on every single sector that is working in Anambra today. Like he did with financial investments for Anambra’s future, Peter Obi reformed the educational sector and until date, Anambra continues to top the chart in academic performance across the country. He returned most Mission schools to the churches and digitalized the education sector. He was governor when criminals almost took over the State, and he brought his ingenuity into making sure that before he left office, Anambra became one of the safest States in the country. Peter Obi also improved the economic prosperity of Anambra by attracting more commercial activities that created jobs and wealth for the people of Anambra State.

I have not set out to outline Peter Obi’s achievement as the governor of Anambra State, because that is not possible within the scope of this write-up. Those charged with that responsibility will give us that information when it is right and necessary, but every reasonable person out there knows that Peter Obi’s popular acceptance among Nigerians is not really due to him, having invested in maintaining good presence in the consciousness of Nigerians, but due to his verifiable achievements as a governor for eight years and his character as a person, rather than his reputation. He is one of the few Nigerian politicians who hasn’t made major investments towards keeping a ‘formidable’ media crew that would continue to disturb our ears with proven and unproven achievements of his. His wide acceptance is due to his tested integrity and undoubted mental and temperamental qualification to take Nigeria out of the gutters of maladministration.

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The desperate media attacks against Mr. Peter Obi makes me take seriously the alarm raised by a very credible group that an order has been issued to eliminate the man whom all patriotic Nigerians have hinged their hope on for their survival and the redemption of our dear country. I join my voice with that group to call on Nigeria’s security agencies to beef up security around the Labour Party presidential candidate. If Peter Obi isn’t really a threat, then, let those who have formidable structures across the country leave the “joker” alone to continue his joke.



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