By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The erstwhile President of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union,( SOKAPU) Hon.Jonathan Asake has joined the gubernatorial race and has given reasons why he resigned and wants to be next Governor of Kaduna state under the Labour Party,( LP) come 2023.

Asake said the need to address insecurity, ensure justice, fairplay leadership inclusion across all segments of the society irrespective of region and persausions spurred him to answer the clarion call to contest.

He disclosed to journalists during the resignation/ handing over ceremony to the New President of SOKAPU, Mr Rio Maisamari on Tuesday in Kaduna.

” I am glad  to inform you today that what you have been hearing and what you have been reading before this time is confirmed that I have answered a clarion call by my people and by they larger people of Kaduna state that I should go for gubernatorial election come 2023

” I answered this call having observed what has gone on for a long time within the period of my SOKAPU presidency and I have seen the way insecurity has taken over the entire state

” I have seen how bandits and other criminals  freely cross our borders  come into the state  and kill and destroy our farmlands kil people and get away with it” he added.

He said ” I feel leadership can fix all those, and since there is an opportunity for me to offer myself and render leadership in this category and by constitutional provision I know the basic essence  of government is the security, welbeing and welfare of the people. 

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” I am ready to work hard to show myself to the people of Kaduna state and when I get elected under the platform of the Labour party I will give my all, I will make sure that I give leadership with justice, fairplay and equity, this is what we need in this country”.

According to him” when we have a leadership that gives justice, equity,  fairly and inclusiveness, it won’t matter where you come from, it won’t matter your religious affiliation, it won’t matter your ethnic background, it won’t matter the region you come from, 

“all that will matter is the quality of leadership that people want and the inclusiveness and that is what I want to give to make the difference, coming from SOKAPU coming from Southern Kaduna,

”  I want to make sure that this kind of Leadership is given to the state and the people of Kaduna state and that is why I made myself available

” and I have this day resign my position as SOKAPU president and my Vice President one, who sits beside me here has taken over. And I hold the rest of the journey, and am with my people here,

Ex- SOKAPU President appealed for support. from the media all and sundry   “the people of Kaduna state and all that are resident here in the state that I need your support and prayers and I need your cooperation, 

”  I have Nigeria at heart and I want to give my all and all to the service of Nigeria and the service of Kaduna state” he stressed.


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