…Commends 4 of its members

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA.

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, SOKAPU, has made strong case for the emergance of a Kaduna state governor from southern Kaduna extraction come 2023 election in the state.

SOKAPU also commended the courage of its four governorship candidates and members for redeeming the image of  southern Kaduna by securing the tickets of their political parties to contest the forthcoming general election in the state.

In a statement signed by the Acting President, Awemi Dio Maisamari, on Saturday, SOKAPU further assured of its commitment to ensuring a level playing field to all candidates and ensure that the interest of the people is achieved and safeguarded at all times.

” It has become necessary for SOKAPU to state its position on the increased interest of distinguished sons of Southern Kaduna to contest for the governorship of Kaduna State come 2023. The increased interest is evidenced by the fact that four indigenes of the area have already emerged.

” The Candidates are:   1. Mr Timothy Adamu of the Action Alliance (AA)

2. Rev Andrew Duya of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

4. Sen. Caleb Zagi of African Democratic Congress (ADC) and,

4. Hon. Jonathan Asake of the Labour Party (LP) 

” SOKAPU wishes to congratulate these courageous individuals who secured the nominations of their parties after no candidate of Southern Kaduna extraction was able to secure the nomination of any of the two major parties in the country, i.e. the APC and the PDP.

” We believe that Southern Kaduna under SOKAPU should be unanimous now and going forward in making a very strong case for gubernatorial power shift or rotation in Kaduna State. 

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According to the statement ” Every gubernatorial candidate is exercising his constitutional rights to vote and be voted for. SOKAPU respects these rights and maintains a position of neutrality between all of them. Therefore we will give a level playing ground to all (including non-Southern Kaduna) candidates. However, a SOKAPU Political Committee was set up in April this year and is saddled with the responsibility of making recommendations on the best political direction for Southern Kaduna come 2023.

” This is part of the SOKAPU and Southern Kaduna internal mechanism for monitoring, analysing and addressing political issues. This will ensure that the concerns and interests of Southern Kaduna are properly taken care of as well as to promote the equitable overall development of Kaduna state.

”  Consequently, the 2023 elections in general and the Kaduna State gubernatorial elections in particular are being monitored closely. In view of this, SOKAPU members in particular and Southern Kaduna people in general are advised to remain calm as everything is being done to safeguard the genuine interests and aspirations of our people.

Adding that ” The emergence of four gubernatorial candidates from Southern Kaduna should not be viewed only negatively talk less of generating panic. This is the logical outcome of the loud outcries for better leadership in general  and the horrifying fallout from the Elrufai mal’administration in Kaduna State. It is also an expression of the yearnings for more political space, choice and opportunities as voter confidence in mainstream parties is badly shaken. Southern Kaduna must keep abreast of evolving political trends while plotting its way forward.

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”  Southern Kaduna will not be intimidated by subsisting unfair political arrangements. In spite if all odds, we must do everything necessary to fully utilize the obvious demographic advantages we have. Let us overcome  scare mongers spreading fear among us to weaken our progressive resolve to pursue justice and equity at all times. Most especially, let us muster the courage and the will to take risks, eschew selfish or micro interests and do the needful in the face of uncertainties. He who waits for certainty will wait forever. 

”  The stakes in the 2023 elections are particularly high. The competition is also fierce. But we must keep the contest open, fair, decent and brotherly.  By all means, we must not allow the  ”Phd” (pull him down) syndrome to rear its ugly head. That is what SOKAPU demands from all political players and commentators.  

” ln conclusion, we thank all  individual and group stakeholders in Southern Kaduna who have restrained themselves from making public comments so far. We also commend all those who have bought into the principle of rotation with or power shift to Southern Kaduna. We urge our egg heads to articulate seminal ideas and strategies to extricate Southern Kaduna from its disadvantaged position. And we call on our people not to despair but keep faith and be committed to the struggle for a better tomorrow. 

” Southern Kaduna must not disappoint itself, its friends and well wishers at critical times like this.” the statement added


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