By Prince Udeme Akpabio(JP)

NEWSDAILYNIFERIA: Remembering the lines of Her Excellency, Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari(Wife of the President of Nigeria) in early, 2016, indicates a pivot to what will happen in 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria. She officially aired out some lines like, “the president does not know 45 out of 50 of the people he appointed,and I don’t know them either despite being his wife of 27years”, and “I might not back my husband at the next election unless he gets a grip of his Government”.

Interestingly, our beloved Nigerian President, His Excellency General Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Germany on October 14th, 2016 became a point of verification for what his ‘first lady” earlier said. After a World’s meeting at Germany, President Buhari was interviewed by a smart BBC journalist. He was demanded to respond to his wife’s statement, and here is what he said, “I don’t know which Party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room, and THE OTHER ROOM”. His response tilted to the fact that, THOSE IN THE OTHER ROOM ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR IMMEDIATE SOCIETY – JUST BEDROOM BUSINESS.

What Nigeria’s Presido forgot was that, it takes the person in the “other room” to warm the economic strength of those in the ‘outer room ‘. This is to show that Nigerian Women and/or those spending sleepless nights in ‘rooms’ not known by the populace are the real deal. They are different from those operating in ‘outer rooms’; using public deceits, propagandas, and lies to buy their ways through the hearts of vulnerable Nigerians, in order to achieve their selfish interests.


PETER OBI is at the juncture refered to as, A MAN IN NIGERIA’S OTHER ROOM, whose major concern is to ignore the so-called “structure-less Candidate”, in furtherance to making Nigeria a Better place to stay. He is not interested in making himself a Man in the light, who is generally regarded as being the happening product, with well spread “structures”. What he wants is to be the MAJOR COOK for a BETTER NIGERIA, in a place regarded as “the other room”. One shouldn’t forget that the so-called “other room” is a place of ‘motivation’ where the strength of the Society lays.

In China, a Man in the like of PETER OBI equally emerged, and it was not funny, just as in the present Nigeria. Between 1911 and 1912, HUANG XING and SUN YAT-SEN took on a national revolutional revolt that overthrew the QING(or Manchu dynasty), and Created a Republic of Huang Xing and Sun Yat-Sen, intentionally to change the comparative idleness in a supposedly standing army of occupation. This was because the dynasty has been declining, and upon the death of Empress dowager CiXi in 1908, a lost able leader of China.

After many years, between 1988 and 1998, the first Chinese Revolution started, featuring mass PRODUCTION of labour – though relying first, mainly on imported machinery. But, today, China is a major producer and exporter of production machinery.

Just like the Huang Xiings and Sun Yat-Sens of this World, His Excellency Mr Peter Obi is a leading factor in the redemption of Nigeria, which will start from May 29rd, 2023. He wants Nigerians to start PRODUCING! What is intimidating his opponents is that, he has a compelling antecedents. In this part, I am bringing to light just a point of his achievements as Anambra State Governor between 2003 and 2010(amidst political interruptions);

    As a Governor, Peter Obi made Anambra the first State in Nigeria to start Sub – Sovereign Wealth Savings, first of its kind in Sub – Saharan Africa. At a time many Governors were leaving hugh debts, PETER OBI left the equivalent of $500million in investment in Anambra State, in both local and foreign currency, including some $15million denominated bonds.
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In acknowledgement of Obi’s gesture, THE NIGERIAN DEBT MANAGEMENT OFFICE(DMO) rated Anambra as the least indebted State in Nigeria. Correspondingly, PETER OBI received praise for not borrowing to fund his projects.

Also, the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria rated Anambra State under his care, as the MOST FINANCIALLY STABLE STATE IN THE COUNTRY.

Consequently, comparing the PETER OBI’s leadership as Anambra State Governor at the time, with the Nigeria’s need of today for a capable leader, is far fetched from nominal reasons. HE CAN ALSO HANDLE NIGERIA’s economic situation!


From the desk of;
Prince Udeme Akpabio(JP),
•DG, Peter Obi Advocacy Group (POAG).
•Contemporary Writer.
•OBIdient Nigerian.


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