NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Network for Election Education, Sensitization and awareness has said its main concern is to see to the successful conduct of a peaceful, free, fair and credible election come 2023 elections.

The Northern group further noted the myriad of challenges bedevelling the country, but however commended the Buhari led APC government for recording some successes on the ‘economy, unemployment, security, education, energy and infrastructural development as well as the electoral process’ 

Addressing a press briefing on the ‘State of the nation’ on Wednesday in Kaduna the National Chairman, Network for Election Education, Sensitization and Awareness, Engr. Dr.Kailani Muhammed, a political activist and public anaylst, also called on the Federal government and ASUU to end their impasse among other things

The text in full..

 ” It is with great pleasure I welcome you to this important press briefing on the state of the nation as the country approaches another round of election.

As we are all aware, the 2023 election is getting so close and campaign to elect the next crop of leadership will commence in couple of hours from now. 

It is therefore imperative to look at the current situation in the country with regard to the economy, unemployment, security, education, energy and infrastructural development as well as the electoral process that will usher in the next leadership at various levels of governance in the country.

First of all let’s have a look at the performance of the APC administration under President Muhammadu Buhari over the last seven years.  

There is no doubt the country had had its rough time and challenges but yet significant successes have been recorded in the areas of security, economic and infrastructural developments and in other sectors of societal development. It is our ardent hope that Nigeria will witness once again a very peaceful election that will usher in the next set of leadership to carry on with the good work started by the APC administration.

Prior to the coming of the Buhari administration, the citizens of this country have been experiencing many challenges, but so far so good, as the present administration had successfully mitigated the major and the most unpleasant challenge of Boko Haram, while also aggressively tackling the twin issues of banditry and kidnappings for ransom, particularly in the North Western states of Kaduna, Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and Kebbi. Government is also tackling similar challenges in Niger and Nassarawa states in the North Central part and other parts of the country.

For these remarkable achievements, Nigerians should rise up and look forward to electing APC by giving the party another chance in 2023 and in future elections with a view to consolidating the gains recorded so far.

As a group, our main concern at the Network for Election Education, Sensitization and Awareness is to see to the successful conduction of a peaceful, free, fair and credible election. We are aware that electing good leaders who are patriotic enough to advance the successes already recorded by the APC administration cannot be achieved when the electorates are ignorant of the tasks ahead of them. Hence, we take it as a duty to mobilize sensitize Nigerians towards understanding their rights as citizens and as voters in order to effectively end the misery and agony caused by the PDP-led administration in the 16 years the party ruled this country. 

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While we are working assiduously to put the worst moments behind us, we thank Almighty Allah that the APC administration under President Muhammadu Buhari, is gradually stabilizing the country and is handling the nation’s developmental challenges with equity, justice and fairplay.


As a stakeholder in the oil and gas industry, it was regrettable to hear how the Controller General of Customs, Hameed Ali descended so low to attack the NigeriaN National Petroleum Company Ltd. without a scientific evidence to buttress his claims. 

After a careful scrutiny of Ali’s allegations against the NNPC Ltd and its Group Chief Executive, Mele Kyari, it became vividly clear that the issues he raised were unscientific and devoid of any facts. The accusations he leveled merely suggested how desperate he was at covering his failings as Controller General of the Nigeria Custom Services due to his inability to tame the wide allegations of corruption in the service, as well as his poor handling of the nation’s borders. 

The Custom Services under him is regrettably in its worst period, unable to root out the corrupt practices and to manage the nation’s borders very well. At a point in time, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Fadahunsi, and the Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Customs Senator Fadahunsi had to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to relieve Hameed Ali of his position in order to save the organization from further drift.

While the custom services continue to drift under Hameed Ali’s watch who apparently uses “military approach” to the organization that requires professional handling, Kyari has positive things to offer to the country, hence the best option is to ease Hameed Ali out and have a professional that can manage the organization very well as a round peg in a round hole.


The NNPC is now a private venture, operating as a business body in line with the best global practices.

Mele Kyari who has been driving the organization with efficiency, passion and determination to turn it around as one of the best Petroleum Company in the world is still holding forte, a development that is giving hope to every stakeholder in the industry and at international level.

The Kyari administration has propelled NNPC to greater heights and the organization is being run as a successful profit venture. 

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At the recent United Nation General Assembly 77 UNGA77, Kyari has attracted International community who are willing to invest in the Nigeria gas project.  

The issue of zero carbon emission, the need for huge foreign investment in the development of gas as a transition fuel, the persistent oil theft in the Niger Delta region and how government laid out security architecture to reduce the menace associated with the oil production as well as the laying of gas pipelines in the African corridor were the dominant issues in his address at UNGA77. 

Most importantly, Kyari will continue with the advocacy in Africa as he is billed to attend Africa Oil Week in Cape Town, South Africa where issues of sustainable growth in a low carbon world would dominate discussions.     


The management of the nation’s currency, the Naira under the watch of CBN Governor, Godwin Emiefele, is to say the least disgusting.

The value of Naira has been nose diving, making life so unbearable to the common man. With official exchange rate of Naira to a dollar now at above N400, while in the parallel market it reached up to N700 and heading towards N1,000 so rapidly. 

It is a welcome development that the Senate has moved positively to whittle down the powers of the CBN Governor by revisitin the law that established the Apex Bank. 

The current occupier of the office, Godwin Emeifele, has failed to demonstrate competence to save the nation’s currency from further devaluation, making life so difficult to the common man. He has apparently failed to rise to the challenges of his office. Rather than focus on making the nation’s currency strong in the global economy, he regrettably, at a time became so partisan politically by wanting to become the next president and was very unmindful of his responsibility as the head of the nation’s apex bank. 

Now that the Senate has taken up the issue appropriately by moving to amend the law establishing the apex bank, Emeifele should either shape up or ship out honourably. 

Hence, with the CBN’s Governor’s ineptitude, inefficiency and ineffective handling of the apex bank, it is advisable the President should show him the way out.


The country had already experienced over seven months old strike and the disagreement is yet to be resolved.  The Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU has been engaging various governments since 80’s using strike methods to achieve their objectives. Yet, the challenge continues as a result of non fulfillment of 2009 agreement by the Federal Government and of recent, its disagreement with the federal government over the mode of payments to university lecturers.

Alumni associations of Nigerian universities, clerics, parent bodies, students and other voices of reason have warned that the Federal Government and the striking lecturers should resolve their differences to avoid catastrophic consequences on the nation’s educational development and its backlash, which could lead to widespread insecurity, unemployment and above all destruction of the educational system, with disastrous consequences on the nation’s development.

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No country, especially the developing countries will joke with education and if does, the consequence would be better imagined than said.

Nigeria as a developing nation, must accord the priority attention the education deserves, while ASUU should act with all patriotism to avoid further devastating consequences on the nation’s educational development.

The government must close ranks and soften on its position and come to terms with ASUU, while the academic union should accept to come to terms and sheath the sword.


Of recent, members of the Presidential Campaign Council of the All Progressive Congress standard bearer, Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu were announced. But as the list was released, the party kicked against it and expressed dissatisfaction with the formation, citing non involvement as its reason. Other stakeholders, the APC governors also showed their dissatisfaction. 

In politics, it is a matter of give and take. While the party and all its structures will work for the presidential candidate to win election but the supremacy of the party must be seen to be visible, recognized and respected. 

The campaign council has to be all inclusive, transparent and accommodate all shades of political interests and organizations. Hence, there is need to expand the council and avoid over heating the process.

We therefore advise that APC and the presidential candidate must not approach the 2023 election with a divided house. Already PDP is in disarray and APC must therefore not join the fray. Our goal is to win election and defeat all the opposition hands down.


The state of the nation is gradually becoming so grim, particularly in the education sector that is having impact on other sectors, particularly security of the nation and unemployment. 

As a group interested in having a better Nigeria, we will support all the relevant agencies to move our country forward. We have efficient plan to mobilize and sensitize the public on the importance of participation in political process and in electing credible leaders that will steer the ship of this country. 

We will support APC from bottom to the top and work diligently for the defense of the votes cast for the party at all levels.

The task before every one of us is to rise and join hands together to meet up with the expectations of the country.”

Thank You.

May Almighty Allah Bless and guide us all. Amen

Engineer Dr Kailani Muhammad

National Chairman


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