NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: Peter Obi’s candidacy has become so powerful and popular that other presidential candidates either attempt to copy his strategies or use his name to try to bolster their obscure candidacy. If the frontline opposition candidates like Tinubu and Atiku are not spending billions of public funds in attempts to counter his massive and unprecedented solidarity marches, it would be one obscure weed smoker who should have been condemned to the Sahara desert trying to catch cruise with his his name.

So while the two frontline opposition candidates are afraid of entering the United States of America for fear of being apprehended by law enforcement agents for their several sordid deeds, the incoming President is garlanded in foreign lands for being a shining light to, not just Nigerians, but all of Africa and the black nation at large.

This Honour does not confer automatic citizenship of the city of Dallas or the United States of America on Mr. Peter Obi. Of course, if it did, it would have pitched him against the Nigerian law forbidding a President from holding dual citizenship. The honorary citizenship is conferred on individuals or even governments or institutions considered by the Government of Dallas as especially admirable and worthy of the distinction.

To cut a long story short, what the Dallas Government and by extension, the United States Government is telling Nigerian electorate is that Peter Obi is an admirable and distinctive gentleman whom they are proud of and trust.

One of the reasons the Nigerian economy is in tatters is because most nations of the world and multibillion quoted firms do not trust the current crop of Nigerian leaders. But, here, most nations of the world are telling us that this particular presidential candidate is trusted and they will be ever willing to do business with him. Recall that it was as a result of the confidence the world had on the Olusegun Obasanjo presidency and the integrity of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala as Finance Minister that got us our debt reprieve under that administration. Since after then, we haven’t enjoyed any such goodwill. What the Dallas Honorary citizenship promises is that with Peter Obi as President, we will not only get good debt forgiveness but also attract billions of dollars in foreign direct investments.

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So, Nigerians, the ball is on your court. We either vote a man who is respected and admired the world over or we vote individuals who are facing different sanctions and investigations and are seen as common criminals by some governments of the world. We have the power to choose the kind of life we want for ourselves in the next four years.

By the way, to know what it takes to be a winning and respectable citizen, click the attached link and share with your friends, too.


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