NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Talitha Kum project International, has on Sunday taken its awareness campaigns against trafficking in human persons, to the catholic youths organisation of Nigeria, (CYON) of Queen of Apostles Parish, Kakuri, in the Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna.

Speaking to the youths, during their  meeting, the Coordinator Talitha Kum project, Kaduna, Rev. Sr. Monica Onwunali, OLA, said the essence of the awareness and sensitization to the catholic youths and Nigerian youths is basically, to correct the wrong attitude and change the narrative of indiscriminate migration by the youths for ‘greener pastures’.

Rev. Sr. Onwunali OLA, during her address

According to the activist, the advocacy visit to the catholic youths is strategic on the need to change the desperation of Nigerian youths to move or migrate to other countries ” we create awareness on Nigerian youths, because they want to move, the economy is not wonderful, unemployment is every where and for them, 

” the only way they can change their status is to move, and we have come to create awareness to them that if they have to move, they have to think twice, if they have to move, they have to go legally, they have to stop the illegal migration” she stressed

While narrating the dangers inherent in the journey through the desert, seas, into prisons, noted that this journey of no return has cost the  death of thousands of young people as some die in the sea, and quoting the words of Pope Francis, that “the Mediterranean sea has become one of the greatest cemeteries” where many are dying, killed and no grave, they die and are not buried in the grave” she lamented

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Describing the sensitization visit and how it feels ”  I am very much impressed because they youths are amazed, in what they saw and heard, pointing out that some of them in their consciences are beginning to have a rethink and understanding ” thats why we are creating awareness, for the young ones because the young ones want to move, we are not saying don’t; movement is part of man, but they should move legally” she reiterated

She further hinted on the consequences of Illegal migration, ” most migrants usually become easy prey to issues of human trafficking, mandatory labor and modern slavery especially when they are escaping from violent situations, dislocating from villages and familial structure without being linked to legitimate form of livelihood, moving through irregular routes, working in sectors that are excluded from existing systems of labor protections”

She noted that, the “most vulnerable are usually children and adolescents, followed by women and then men. Women are usually faced with high level of modern slavery, when they are engaged in domestic work, commercial sex work and forced marriage. 

” Men on the other hand, usually found themselves trapped in forced labor either in construction companies or manufacturing industries. Another vulnerable group is the undocumented migrants, who are caged by the captors on the threat that they will be deported if they refused to carry out whatever duties that are assigned to them” she averred.

Similarly, the spiritual Director of the parish youth, Rev. Sr. Blessing Amodu, OLA described the advocacy as commendable ” we are happy to have Sr. Monica in our midst, because she came to enlighten us about the migration of youths and children to other countries, in fact she made us to know that it is good to go through the right way and not go through the wrong way, 

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“because if you go through the wrong way you will suffer it, so there’s no need for us going through the wrong way, it is good for us to go through the right way, so that we will be able to get what we looking for”

She then prayed that God will continue to lead her through and grant her more  wisdom and understanding to explain this more to other youths, so that they will know the truth of life” she stressed.

In the same vein, the President CYON of the parish, Mr Victor Ameh, said the awareness is”  enlightening and succinct” adding that, what she explained to them has given them an insight on the pattern and method to follow if one is to travel abroad.

Noting that, one needs to follow the legal way and be sure of whoever is inviting them abroad despite all kinds of promises that at the end may not turn out to be real or true.

He then called on fellow youths  ” I advise the catholic youths all over, not limited to Queen of Apostles and others who want to go out for greener pastures, they should actually follow through the right channel to abroad” he said

On her part, a new member, Gloria  Ndiogulu, said the awareness, was quite instructive ” what I got from the meeting is that even though you want to travel, you should not migrate illegally, so many youths are moving out of the country in search of greener pastures and they are not checking the legality and authenticity of the journey”

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She further narrated the ordeals being faced by a former course mate that travelled abroad and warned how the young ones shouldn’t be lured into it,  adding that the youths, do a fact check on any opportunity to travel out of the country before indulging in it, 

She however stressed the need to verify the documents, “the authenticity of that travel before you move, don’t just stand up and move because one of my friends moved or one of my friends promised.  you to get a greener pastures there, that in one month’s time, you’II be a billionaire, so always verify, the document and the source too before you move” she added.


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