By Nomsu Baba

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: Renowned businesswoman  and philanthropist, High Chief Dr. Chetachi Nwoga-Ecton was at the weekend conferred with Honorary doctorate Degree in Business Administration from American Management University, California, USA, as well as Honorary doctorate Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership from California Metropolitan University, California, USA.

The Universities in their invitation letters said that the choice of the venue ‘The Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre, Abuja”, attested to the fact that such honorary degrees are meant for important personalities in the society, as such, the recognition of Dr. Nwoga-Ecton was based on her philanthropic gestures and fight for the underprivileged in the society.

Dr. Chetachi (Middle) with other awardees

It was further revealed that Dr. Chetachi was singled out as a proponent of national development, humanitarianism and transformational leadership as well as being a firm believer in selfless service to humanity.

This presentation was done by the Universities’ African Representative, Amb. Chris Odey, in the presence of highly placed personalities, drawn from different parts of the country.

In her acceptance speech,  Dr. Chetachi Pledged to continue to carry on with her humanitarian services, through the When In Need (WIN) and Every Life Matters Humanitarian Foundations, because according to her, the humanitarian crisis of today, calls for a collective efforts of the leaders and their followers, hence the reason for the establishment of the two Foundations.

She further pointed out that since she is reaping from God’s blessings, her desirability to bring positive change to those in need of humanitarian services, will remain a top most priority.

“I realized that since my story has been changed, I needed to extend my hand of help, to others in need through love.”  She posited.

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You may recall that in July this year, the International Women Power Conference African, honoured Dr. Ecton as one among the 50 most influential African Women in the Diaspora. 

This is not unconnected to her endless struggles and noticable fight to bridge the gab between the men and women in their contributions toward national development.

The Every Life Matters Humanitarian Foundation has so far covered about 32 states in Nigeria, providing humanitarian services, which include medical outreaches, giving out farm seedlings, and raising cash for business support, among others.


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