By Frederick Peters, KADUNA.

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Mother Mary Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Kakuri, has on Sunday celebrated her 2022 Love Feast, with pomp in Kaduna.

The event being first of its kind attracted, the Parish priest, Council members,, parishioners, Deanery leaders, members and wellwishers among others.

Speaking the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Eric Akawo Mallam, commended the love feast initiative ” I think the message here is that this should also serve as a lesson to others, if you look round and going by the scripture especially, the beginning of the church, the early church precisely, that’s what they were doing, that’s why you could see some of them even selling some of their things to bring into the house,

” so that, those people who are underprivileged , those who do not have, there was no difference between they rich and the poor, so they were sharing every thing together”

He gave examples of where such practical love exists till date” some years back, I visited a community called ANABAPTIST, that’s what they do every Sunday , even today, that’s what they do, the cook every Sunday, breakfast, lunch and dinner, so those people that are poor come around, they share with them and I think there’s no preaching, so great like that.

According to him, a parish also do similar things, but theirs is a yearly program, usually in the beginning of the year, it is organized to care and cater for the needs of they aged irrespective of their religions and even treat them as dignitaries and also share gifts to them ” I will actually encourage every society here to do some thing of that nature” he added

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Speaking the Coordinator of MMC, Bro Harrison Awo said, the community has come today to show love that existed among the early christians, especially, how they lived their lives as of old.

He said the Apostles lived their lives through love and sharing, and that is why the community is here to show love, share food and eat together and to empathize with the needy and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

In his spiritual exultation, titled ” feasting in love” Former Deanery Coordinator, Bro Vincent Halidu, said feasting is good, but should be done in God’s love to make it perfect; that they are not just here to feast but feast in love, adding that love as a virtue of christ, teaches us to care and share with one another, hence God expects us to take home the burden of loving and sharing with one another

He however lamented how love is lacking today, but prayed and hoped that today’s meeting will help us to share and care with one another, he said, no one should leave here without going home with the message of caring and sharing, as Jesus admonished, “when I was hungry you gave me to eat.. what you did to the least of my Brothers that you did to me”

He further advised that, those who are really in need should be identified and shown love, and warned the community to be careful and reject the spirit of the endtime, stressing that, what we are doing here today is a sample of what we are expected to do in life.

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On her part, former Coordinator and 2022 love feast planning committee chairperson, Sis Florence Mary Madu, while thanking God for the success of the feast, appreciated the leadership and members for their unprecedented cooperation and support, describing the event as first of its kind ” every body ate and drank and we are all happy going home today and we are nourished most especially, spiritually.

” Infact, it is like Jesus feeding the five thousand, so we are very grateful and my prayer is that may God who see what we have done today will continue to unite us and grant us more spiritual upliftment and our coordinator, may God protect him, guide him and give him more wisdom to lead his flock” she stressed

Highlights of the celebration include a dance march by the MMC renewal members , singing/ recitng of the MMC anthem, choreography by the children, drama presentation, cutting of cake, cultural displays and lots more.


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