NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The governorship candidate Of the Labour Party,(LP) in Kaduna State, Dr. Jonathan Asake, on Friday said he’s not deterred by the falsehood and campaigns of calumny being dished out by political opponents to smear his fortune and candidacy.

Asake also pointed out that Nigerians irrespective of their beliefs, status, tribal, cultural and political persuasions are not immuned to the misrule of the present leadership, which forms the essence of his aspirations to lead the state.

He regretedly, noted how baseless campaigns of calumny and blackmail have become a part of our political system, where politicians use it to ‘ hit hard on their opponents”

The governorship hopeful made this known while responding to questions from Journalists during the media media parley at the NUJ  press center in Kaduna, where he also unveiled his agenda of securing the state, economic and infrastrutural inclusion, women and youth empowerment among others.

While responding to question on how the Gov Wike Fund Support to IDPs in Kaduna, was used, said SOKAPU collected 120million out of the 200 million and that SOKAPU under his leadership did the needful by reaching out to the people across the southern part and left over 60 million of the fund as against speculations in some quarters

” so we in SOKAPU we first had a flag off and we called some of you journalists to cover it, we made procurements,  I appointment a committee headed by who was first vice president, now the President and we made huge procurements and we continue these procurements all the way to the southern part, we supply to various communities in the southern part and at the time I made up my mind to join partisan politics, we stopped these procurements”

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According to him, the baseless accusations flying now may not be unconnected to his joining the race” no body would have accused me, because any body who has been with me either m classmates in primary school or  secondary school at University or my colleagues at my working place or even in politics,  they know my stand, they know that all those accusations were baseless, 

” when I was SOKAPU president, I was like a hero in Southern Kaduna, that every where I go People will like to take selfie with me, but the moment I declared that I was going for govenorship that was when all hell broke lose and all theories surrounding me and my candidature came on board,

” And I can say all these theories and one of those theories are the Wike funds, that I have taken the funds to do politics but unfortunately, we have every record documented of the procurements we made, at the time I left,  when they were accusing me of taken all the money,  I left in the coffers of SOKAPU over 60 million naira and we even left supplus, 

” so If you look at it that is not the only campaign of calumny because I have joined partisan politics and I know it is not unexpected, it’s politics, that is what happened, because the opponents will always look for where to hit you hard”

Adding that, ” there were campaigns of blackmail that I am only working for an opposition party, that am working for APC to find itself back to power, and this one is the one that has hit me hard in my campaign”, he lamented.

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Speaking further, he said ” but I remain resolute and determined that having joined the labour party and having seen what we have gone through, what Nigerians are going through, what the people of Kaduna state are going through

” I have campaigned round, I have gone to the north, I have gone to the south, I went to virtually all the local governments of the state, in my consultative campaign and I have seen that the problems are one, 

” the Muslims are not immuned from the problems of misgovernance, and the  Christians are not immuned, all other tribal groups are not immuned, all other cultures are not immuned, all other classes are not immuned, the only people that are immuned are the leaders that are selfish” and indifferent to the plethora of challenges faced by the people.


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