By Olufemi Adegbulugbe

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: I registered and attended via zoom the townhall titled “Nigeria’s 2023 elections: Security & economic development and its foreign policy imperatives Confirmation”.
The speaker was Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the venue was Chatham House, London. Date was 05 December 2022.

In my mind, the event was a “make or break” affair. It was an opportunity to prove skeptics wrong or to confirm the position of skeptics.
Unfortunately, the worst happened. The unthinkable happened at a global event.

Mr Tinubu spoke for 15-20 minutes and will not answer any of the 11 questions directed at him.
Rather, Mr Tinubu assigned to himself the role of a “moderator” and delegated persons to answer questions on his behalf. Infact, he assigned specific questions to specific persons.
It is unprecedented that such would happen at a global event in Chatham house, with the whole world watching.
It was a shame. It was shameful and a bad day for Nigeria.
Mr Tinubu must be reminded that the personality invited to Chatam house is Bola Ahmed Tinubu and not Dele Alake, El-Rufai, Gbaja, Betty Edu or the team he referred to.
Mr Tinubu must be reminded that no team exist for now until after a President emerges and is sworn in.
Whatever team exists only exist at the backstage for now.
For now, it is the Presidential candidate that is the voice who must engage directly with the voters and wider audience.
Why will Mr Tinubu not answer questions directed at him, in a townhall meeting he voluntarily participated. A townhall different from bala blu, bulaba!


Mr Tinubu failed to understand that his appearance at Chatham house was an interview process and i have never seen where a person attending an interview will delegate the questions. It is most shameful to say the least.

The event left no reasonable person in doubt that Mr Bola Tinubu does not have the physical and mental capacity to lead the most populated black nation, the Giant of Africa.

All the foreign journalists that gathered at Chatham house, those that joined online and Nigerians in diaspora congregated to hear Tinubu take and answer questions. The questions were directed at Tinubu but unfortunately, Tinubu disappointed everyone and left no one in doubt that he lacks the mental capacity to lead any country. Perhaps, not everyone was disappointed.
The guest speaker turned moderator event show is unprecedented in the history of Chatham House. Chatham house must now put procedures in place to ensure this fraud never happens again.
The big question is what was the objective of the appearance at Chatham by Mr Tinubu.
In my opinion, Tinubu appearance at Chatham House confirms to the world, the mental deficiency of Mr Tinubu and also highlights the fact that the Tinubu team is aware of this mental deficiency but working hard to package this unfitness.

Out of the 5-6 presidential aspirants illegally introduced to us by Mr Tinubu at Chatham house, El-Rufai impressed me the most. Dr Betty Edu also impressed me.
But i am at a loss as to why Gov El-Rufai will be a participant in this fraud and illegality to deceive Nigerians.

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The appearance of Prof Osinbajo at Chatham house would have presented the best of Africa. It would have made the black race proud.
Unfortunately, it was not to be.

I am now convinced beyond reasonable doubts that Mr Tinubu is unfit to become the next President of Nigeria.
However, he remains a key candidate in the race to Aso Rock. In any sane and civilized country, the name, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not even be on the ballot.

May God bless our troops,
God bless Nigeria.

Femi Adegbulugbe, Alberta, Canada.


Je’ N Wi Temi


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