NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The African Democratic Congress.(ADC) Candidate for Chikun/ Kajuru Federal constituency, Hon..Hauwa Abdullahi Gambo has assured of her mandate to rehabilitating, supporting and building capacities of the womenfolk in her constituency, if elected come 2023

While lamenting how her constituency has become the” most unsecured and improvised,”  due to insecurity, also regrettedly noted how the womefolk have been neglected in the leadership space in the country over several decades, hence, her motivation to vie.

Speaking during the media parley on Wednesday at NUJ press center, Kaduna, the activist further lamented how Nigeria is yet to meet the basic life necessities of her citizenry among others

 ” I come with a mandate of rehabilitating .supporting and building the women of my constituency,  because they have suffered, from those whose children have been killed,  to those whose children have been kidnapped, to those who are currently, outside their homes and living some where as IDPs, we have a lot of them,

” We are not going to throw them away, we’re going to embrace them, we’re going to comfort them, we are going to offer them support, rehabilitate them  and reintegrate back into the society, because when the woman heals, our societies will heal, “

While lamenting the rate of unemployment among the youths, thus making them vulnerable to criminality, said”  we are going to mop-up the number of our unemployed young people and expose them to both local and global opportunities, we’re going to build their capacities in ICT, 

“we’re going to expose them to the opportunities that the Internet has to offer, we’re going to build their capacities, not just to make money, but we’re going to remind them their responsibility of leadership in their respective homes and constituencies” she stressed.

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According to gender activist and feminist,  empowerment of the women folk is key, “one thing,  I can beat my chest to say anywhere is that no woman who is empowered will leave her child on the street; any mother, who has some level of empowerment will never leave  their child on the street and that is why women are at the top of our priority list,

” because we know, when the women are empowered atleast 40- 50 percent of our job is done, they will take care of their children and they will make sure that they go to school, even if, their fathers are alive or not” she stressed

She further lamented that as nation we are yet to meet the basic life necessities of our people ” I’m particularly, embarrassed that of till this moment we are still talking about the basic life necessities, 

” in this country, we’re still talking about girl- child education, out of school children, we are talking about infant mortality/maternal mortality and these are issues that are easily solvable with deliberate, intentional leadership and that is what we are bringing to the table” she added

She noted that women as the pillar in nation building have been been neglected over decades, however pointed out that” if we  bring the women folk back into the table of leadership, we will begin to heal our society, we’ll begin to mend the broken pieces and begin to work on the path of recovery and development” 

She further maintained the fact that as elected office holders, one does not need 8 years or more to meet the aspiration of the people, but only four years, that she would do, if elected.


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