..Promises to restructure the security governance architecture 

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA.

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Presidential Candidate of the Labour, (LP) Mr Peter Obi, has assured Nigerians, particularly, the youths, support groups and women that their support will not be in vain, if elected President come February 25 election.

Obi, while lamenting the state of insecurity bedevillig the country, said Kaduna state is supposed to be more secured place/state in the country owing to the several military formations in the state, even as he promised to restructure the security governance architecture to ensure security of lives and property.

The presidential hopeful disclosed this during his nationwide presidential campaign rally in Kaduna on Wednesday, where he further frowned at the use of religion, ethnicity by desperate politicians, pointing out that, it is not all about tribe, religion, nor ‘my turn’ but about the Nigerian people.

” Let me start by thanking people of Kaduna state, let me assure this historic city, Kaduna state was the capital of Northern Nigeria where everyone was proud of and that is why Labour party said, we will start our campaign in Kaduna, because are set to bring back that new Nigeria that everyone was happy to say I am a Nigerian, 

 “Kaduna state represented productivity in the north, Kaduna state  represented what was good in Nigeria, that is what we want to bring back, we are tired of being told any story, we are not here to make fake promises”

He said, “Kaduna state today hosts our best and biggest military formations, Kaduna state is supposed to be more secured place in Nigeria,  but today people in Kaduna state cannot sleep with their eyes closed , that is why I and Baba Ahmed say, we will secure and unite Nigeria”. He said, it is not as if the bandits are more formidable than govt, but it’s a case of lack of leadership; with a pledge to restructure the security governance structure.

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According to him, all the youths that are abandoned,” we shall bring them out of poverty, all the youths, all the support groups, your support will not be in vain, because we will make sure that our youths that are energetic, talented, one of the best in the world will compete in the world and win,”

 He also assured Nigerians that ” the election that is coming up next month, let nobody tell you is about tribe, it is not ethnicity,; no tribe buys bread cheaper, let no one tell you is about religion, that’s what the used to do . Is there where Muslims buy bread cheaper, is there where Christians buy bread cheaper, that ‘WAYO”‘ has ended; adding that,” let no one tell you, it’s his turn, it is your turn to take back your country” he averred.

The National chairman of Labour Party, Barr. Julius Abure, charged Nigerian youths that their destiny is their hands to rescue the country because of their 75 percent Voting advantage according to INEC’s recent report, adding that the youths need to do more in canvassing support for the party “you have a responsibility to go and collect your PVCs, vote the party and after voting, remain and protect your votes”

Similarly, Activist Aisha Yesufu, said the nation is tired of moving backward almost eight years now ” This is the time for us to begin to move forward, and I tell you something, it is the women and the youths that will make the difference in this country, the women and the youth are tired of not being participants in the governance of this nation and they have come out and they are saying enough is enough and this is the time that we need that new Nigeria” she stated.

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She commended the youths, support groups for sustaining the Obedient movement amid provocations  and threats, thus making Peter Obi, the Labour candidate ” the leading presidential candidate ” in the country.

According to her, the 2023 election is about survival, as many people have been killed pointing out,no Nigerian is more Nigerian than the other adding that all jives must be secured whether in Southern or Northern Kaduna “and we must get a President whom the bulk stops at his table who will take responsibility” she stressed.

On his part the Labour party governorship candidate of Kaduna state. Hon Jonathan Asake, thanked the youth, women and the support groups for the committment, describing them as the great force behind the labour party adding ” that their labour and the labour of our hereos past will never be in vain”

Asake further eulogized the character of the Labour party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, who walked away from his former party, PDP and joined the Labour party, when he sensed the primaries will be ‘dollarised’, he said, if he had not done that,” he would have lacked the moral capacity to fight insecurity” or lack the moral right to speak on corruption, character or competence, 

“Your walking away gave Nigeria and Nigerians an option, the Labour party,” and further praised him for picking a bonafide Kaduna son as his running mate., which goes to show his love for the state.


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