By Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: Muhammadu Buhari had contested for the position of Nigeria presidency three times and eventually won on the fourth time. As a contestant; Muhammadu Buhari made many promises to carter for the welfare and the progressive development of Nigerians in the 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 contests. In the 2015 contest, Muhammadu Buhari came with many promises and an agenda to crush the Boko Haram militants in 100 days in office, stabilize Nigerian economy, reactivate the Nigerian refineries and build more, provide conducive environment of learning and subsidize schools tuition fees, end the academic strikes in all schools, reduce pump price less than N60 and improve the agricultural sector.

Muhammadu Buhari also promised to focus on healthcare, sports and power sectors, and his governments in 2015 came with five points prominent agenda to overhaul and make the oil sector efficient and viable, to stamp out corruption in the country, mass employment, tackle insecurity problems, improve infrastructure and good health care in the country.

Upon the promises and the agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, by looking at the performance of the present government, the government has performed below its promises in the affairs of fighting corruption. The Transparency International report in 2022, ranked Nigeria at 154 out of 180 corrupt nations globally and unemployment rate “in 2015 was at 8%, but hovering around 34% in this year. Fuel is scarce and sold beyond the government recommended price of N184 where most stations sell to N300 per litter. Education has become a commodity where tuition fees rise to N500, 000 in some states and federal tertiary schools. This is showing that nothing has change in the aspect of social and economic condition of the country but worsen. Power sector had collapsed more than before the government of Muhammadu Buhari came onto power, the national grid collapsed 98 times amid N1.52tn bailout. The fight of insecurity is still a challenging war but engulfed over $1bn for the purchase of weapons. The oil sector was more better in the past than today because this government that promised to revitalize and make the three refineries of the country functional had sold them for private operation and to add adverse effect on the economy subsidy is due for removal in June; this year. The economy is dwindling and hardship is creeping in all parts of the country. unemployment is reaching worst point and out-of-school children number is daily increasing and becoming terrible in every year. Farming is no more safe and conducive for the farmers because of kidnappers and bandits that continue to raid villages and villagers.

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But, upon the above mentioned situations of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari is of the opinion that his government had scored very well. In October, 2022, he said his government had “impacted sectors like power, communications, digital economy, oil and gas, national security, anti-graft war, social investment, health, and agriculture.” Buhari’s government is keen that his government had done much for the people and is still doing. He blamed anti-party, opposition and the bad eggs of Nigerians that are destroying his efforts. 

It was calculated that “20 times President Muhammadu Buhari blamed others from the faults of his government.  In September, 2022, President Muhammadu blamed the Nigerian elites for insecurity and infrastructural development”. He also blamed academic staff of tertiary schools for sending his children to London university, blamed the epileptic power condition on the previous leaders, unemployment on the youths by considering them “lazy” and gold-diggers waiting for white collar jobs. He blamed state governors for not doing well in the rural areas on social develop, blamed doctors of the country for traveling to London hospital for medical checkups and medication.

The Buhari government is more conversant with blaming-victim theory to prove his loyalty and transparency to the international communities by exonerating himself from mistakes and faults in his government. He shows that his government is the perfect and the best in the history of Nigeria. Many times, Buhari boasted for good record and performance of his government. In September, 2022 President Muhammadu Buhari commended his administration by saying “my administration has done extremely Well” in Imo state.

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And, as the Central Bank deadline of old naira notes collection is approaching to 31st January, 2023 the government is putting blames on banks for refusal to go to the apex bank to collect the new Naira notes. One can ask what is the meaning of this statement and its metaphor? Does this government want to repeat what happened in 1984?

Now that pump price is sold beyond the recommended price, the government is putting the blames on the independent marketers, and the marketers had testified the buy the product beyond the government price and some times pay kick back.

When food prices escalate and Naira crashes the government blame others instead to go for solutions and address the problems. 

As the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is coming to an end on May 29, President, he praised himself and leaves a challenge for the next coming president. In his new year’s message President Muhammadu Buhari said: “I Did My Best For Nigeria…. “And I pray that the next president will also pick up the baton and continue the race to make Nigeria one of the leading countries of the world by the end of this century.”

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim is a political analyst and a lecturer of Mass Communication Department, Kaduna Polytechnic, can be reached on


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