By Gabriel Agbo

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: With few days to the presidential elections, Nigerians have finally come to the very decisive stage for the last push to save their traumatized country from the current pain, bondage and chaos. Yes, the country is in total mess. As I write, there is an acute scarcity of fuel and currency, worsening insecurity and even scarcity of hope that things will get any better soon.  And if we miss this opportunity to get it right at the poll, then prepare for the generational consequences. I mean, this is that time to mobilize everybody around you to vote for the Moses that has been sent to deliver Nigeria.

Our country is presently like a woman in the final moments of labour. We just need a little push to give birth to that baby – a new Nigeria. Do you still wonder why all the forces of hell and retrogression are at high alert, enraged and are making their last desperate efforts to, scuttle the process and keep us in pain? Now, how did you feel watching that JS 2 teenager Alabi Yusuf Quadri spreading his arms in front of Peter Obi’s campaign jeep in Lagos? The convoy stopped as Obi smiled at the young boy. I knew what was going on in the Labour Party’s candidate’s mind that moment. “These are the people I came for” I also know that his heart will be bleeding for the damage those rouges have done to the country and to the future of the young Alabi’s generation. The boy said that he had dropped out of school to help his widowed mother.

Sadly, there are tens of millions of Alabis scattered all over the country today. They pine away in hopelessness as our taskmasters steal and hoard our common wealth. The boy also said that his mother told him that Peter Obi is a good man and that was why he came to identify with him. My God! My dear I don’t envy this guy at all. The stakes and the expectations are indeed very high. Nigerians are really expecting so much, miracles from Obi as he ascends the presidency.

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I also struggled with emotions as I watched the natural expression of love as demonstrated by Nigerians for Mr Obi as he visited Oshodi Market, Ladipo Market, Alaba markets, Ikeja computer village and other parts of Lagos this week. It was like a triumphal entry. It was like Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In fact, at one of those town hall meetings, women were removing their wrappers and spreading them on the floor for Obi to march on. This is indeed an interesting and very emotional moment for our country. We have not seen this level of acceptance  before. The other day it was his helicopter pilot that ‘rescued’ him from the ‘mob’ and forced him into the aircraft. People, students were falling over him – they practically refused to let him go.

In fact, the pilot acted like a Delta Force commando. You can check outs the clip online. I think Obi’s coming looks messianic. This is what you see all over the country. Nigerians are indeed desperately looking for the true, trusted savior to pulled them out of the present hopelessness. Look at the followership, the acceptance  within few months. Nigeria, Africa has not seen anything like this before. It is phenomenal. The man is indeed divinely sent. And we will surely regret if we miss this rare opportunity. Have you listened to him before? I see opportunity meet with preparation, grace and destiny. He always has the answers, the statistics, the solutions, the models and the examples at his finger tips. And yet, he is completely humble, original and natural, unlike, the other corrupt, shadowy, evasive, proud, incompetent and integrity-challenged gangs contesting with him.

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Like Moses, God has prepared Peter Obi for this time. Both also came at the peak of their people’s pain and humiliation. Moses was trained, prepare in all the arts of Egypt, in Pharaoh’s court and also in the University of Life at Midian. For Obi he was prepared for the task ahead at the great University of Nigeria and at some of the best Ivy League institutions in the world. Like the Harvard Business School, London School of Economics, Columbia Business School, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Lagos Business School, Kellogg Graduate School of management, Institute of Management Development, Switzerland, and so many others. He has also been a colossus in the banking and corporate world. Wow! And you still wonder why even the professors envy his accuracy with statistics and facts? You cannot get tired listening to him on any subject. Obi is simply an encyclopaedia of developmental studies and statistics. After taking he will always ask you to go and fact-check him. We have never seen anything like this before. In-fact, he is an institution. This is what God has provided for us at this time of need. He has also sealed these with unmatchable integrity, humility, honesty and competence.

Or can you compare him with any of his so-called competitors? No way! In fact, one of them that is currently struggling to force himself on us is addressed as Satan in the spirit. Yes, Satan! You heard me well. Can you imagine that? He has all the money, all the connections and everything. But why should a human being be addressed as Satan in the spirit? He has sold himself to the devil because of wealth and power. That is why he is insisting that it is his turn to rule over us. He must rule at all cost. They entered into demonic, satanic covenant over Nigeria. Have you noticed that his friend will always come back to support him, even when in his heart he knows that he is not good for the country. He is being pulled by this satanic agreement. Everything about them is fake. I won’t say more than this for now. Read between the lines. Money and power is their ‘life’. They worship Satan for it. And some want to be politically and tribally correct. True. Are you still surprised that some leaders, even spiritual leaders who should speak out and also give directions to where we should go are keeping quiet. It is not usual. Their mouths have been shut with demonic powers and gifts. But there must always be a Moses.

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Yes, he was not the only man in Egypt at that painful moment in the life of Israel, but he understood the times and season and what should be done. He knew why he came. I call on all Nigerians to go out on the 25th February and vote for Mr Peter Obi of the Labour Party. He is the one to help us. I call on all our political, traditional and spiritual leaders, organizations, families, denominations to immediately, formally instruct their members, associates, friends, imams, pastors, members to vote for Obi in the coming presidential elections. Look out for the logo with three people. Instruct your people on what to do now. For me, my family, congregation and my denomination we will vote for Mr Integrity – Peter Obi of the Labour Party. May God help us! Please, share this message with others.

Rev Agbo is the author of many books and audiobooks. He can be reached via Tel: 08037113283 Website Twitter: pastorgabagbo


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