By Kpopsimnanang Shittu

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: In reflecting upon the challenges we face in Southern Kaduna, I am reminded of George Orwell’s profound words: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” The situation we find ourselves in is not merely a conflict between herdsmen and farmers; it is a deliberate attempt at ethnic cleansing aimed at erasing our history and culture. It is of utmost importance that we take action to protect our heritage and foster economic growth in our region. We must stand together as one and defend ourselves against those who seek to harm us. This is not a time for prayer alone; it is a time for action. We must safeguard our culture and traditions by any means necessary. Should we passively witness the slaughter of our people, or should we rise up and resist?

Each day, I am confronted with the struggles faced by our people in Southern Kaduna. Insecurity has plagued our region for far too long, hindering economic opportunities for our community. It is time for us to act and make a difference in the lives of our people. I firmly believe that science and technology can play a pivotal role in promoting economic development in Southern Kaduna. However, this cannot be achieved without addressing the longstanding insecurity issues that have plagued our region. In addressing this, we must address the issue of betrayal among ourselves. Individuals, who masquerade as fellow members of our community, have turned out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have betrayed our trust, pursued their own greed and selfish interests, and placed personal gain above the progress and development of the people of Southern Kaduna. I implore those who have followed this treacherous path to repent and work towards the progress and development of Southern Kaduna.

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Furthermore, we must unite as a people and support our collective course of seizing all available economic opportunities present to us. Among these opportunities, agriculture, such as ginger farming, holds promise. Additionally, our rich cultural heritage presents a market for traditional art and crafts, and Tourism is also a viable avenue, given the numerous attractions in our region, including the Kajuru Castle, Nok Terracotta, and our scenic hills. Known as people who are skilled blacksmiths, our mastery of ironwork can revolutionize farming, hunting, and who knows, possibly warfare. By promoting these economic activities, we can create employment opportunities and contribute to the overall development of our local economy.

To fully capitalize on these economic opportunities, farmers and entrepreneurs in our region require incentives such as subsidies for agricultural inputs, training programs, and tax breaks for businesses. Moreover, government investment in infrastructure, such as roads, electricity, and water supply, would create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. As Joseph was favoured by God, through Pharoah in appointing him Prime Minister straight from prison, and as such, saved his family, his people from famine, I urge Politicians and political appointees that have emerged into political positions to kindly be your people’s Joseph and do the needful. Remember you’re where you are because God says so. Do the needful, Be your people’s Joseph

In conclusion, let us unite and safeguard our cultural legacy. Let us seize the economic prospects within our reach and strive for the progress of our community. To all government officials, including our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, I implore you to carefully consider the consequences of your decisions on both the Church and the people you serve. Just as Moses defended his people, become their protector and do what is necessary. To our politicians and influential individuals capable of supporting economic activities in Kaduna State, your people are in need of your resources. Even a small investment of one naira can greatly contribute to the economic development of southern Kaduna. I encourage all of us to invest in ourselves. May Chongai thrive, and may Southern Kaduna prosper.


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