By Kyari Hyum

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: I listened to today’s dailies with pain in my heart when President Tinubu is soliciting for time from the Organised Labour pending Strike. Was PBAT not ready for the governance after the Politics? Should Nigerians excuse him?
Under his role as the APC National Leader that PMB spent 8 years of Misery and Clueless administration. Why can he do something different? The Nation current astronomical condition does not demand a Long Term but a Short Term. Go to the street of Nigeria Poverty, misery, hunger is steering on people’s faces. We were told that he is a Politician and a business Mogul who already knew the Nigerian Problem. We expected him to hit the ground running.

On May 29th 2023 during his inaugural acceptance speech when he said Fuel Subsidy Gone I knew he got it wrong. He would’ve uttered it immediately but analysed the Situation with relevant Stakeholders in the Oil Sector and Later the Organised Labour for a possible increase in the National Minimum Wage of the so called #30,000.00. Is PBAT for real? Or is an elite conspiracy theory against the Masses to remain in abject Poverty?

Furthermore, I thought PBAT knew the condition of the Nation when he took over. The essence of Government constitutionally is for the Welfare and Security of the Citizens. So far so worst President Tinubu has failed. Look at the issue of Fuel Subsidy Palliative giving 8k to 12million Nigerians in 6months and dossing out a whooping amount of 70Billion to the National Assembly Members to share thus continuing with the narrative of the Rich will continue to be richer. This palliative Money would’ve been pump into reviving our moribond Refineries and the Textiles. How do you fight insecurity with Hardship?

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The Organised Labour for quite sometime now have been quiet. Now they have woken up to shut down the nation against the impunity against the current government. A Press Statement was released by the FGN that there is a subsistence court order barring the Organised Labour not to embark on Strike. But the Organised Labour has vowed nothing will stop her from carrying out the Protest and Strike.
More anti Masses policies of this PBAT regime was the increased of School Fees of all Unity Schools in Nigeria from #45,000 to #100,000. Meanwhile most of all these elites when to school free with Scholarship not Student loan facility introduced by the Current administration

See the situation in the Republic of Niger where the Military partially took over power from a democratic government. BAT being the Current ECOWAS Chair quickly condemned the Coup d’etat. Military Intervention in West Africa subregion will not end until politicians change their attitude from denying the masses their welfare.

The Nigerian Situation need an urgent solution not give me more time as said by Mr President. Can you imagine that Garin Tuwo Masara is as high as 1k? Transport Fare has gone up. Naira no longer has value.

Let’s PBAT do the needful. Nigerian Masses are dying Economically and Socially. The current government has inflicted and still inflicting more pains. We need a Country where Citizens supposed to smile by having a relatively low standard of living. An PMS can be sold at #50 per Litre if only I repeat our Refineries are working and prices of commodities will go down.

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Pray for our Politicians

..Kyari I. Hyum, writes from Kaduna




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