..Says it’s first Parish in the metropolis

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Archbishop of Kaduna, Most Rev. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso on Sunday, commended St Andrew’s Parish Kakuri, for its unprecedented contribution to the existence of the Catholic Archdiocese Kaduna, since inception.

Ndagoso maintained that the parish over decades has birthed several parish communities in the Archdiocese, and ought to be celebrated during her proposed centenary celebration.

The revered Bishop disclosed this at the end of his two day Pastoral visit, where he solemnized 22 marriages, Confirmed 168, and commissioned 3 Eucharistic Ministers in the Parish, adding that, his normal pastoral visits to parishes is to strengthen and encourage the Christian community in the Archdiocese.

” and off course St Andrew’s is a special parish because it is the first Parish within the metropolis, and so it gave birth to all the parishes and so I came since yesterday and it had been like a harvest to have 22 couples sanctifying their marriages; is not a small thing, the community has worked hard to prepare them

” and today we have 168 for confirmation and 3 commissioned as Eucharist ministers and so all these combined, put together are clear signs there’s progress in the parish, that the work that the priests and leaders are doing is yielding fruits, so I can only thank the Almighty God and thank those who made themselves available” especially at this very difficult and trying times.

He further noted that going by the hardship these days, one would not expect to see, “people so full of joy ,so full of life, but because they are in the presence of God, they forget all their troubles, and their struggles in life and put their trust in God”

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According to him, ” our work, as priests, is to try and encourage them,(faithful) so that they don’t give up, because around the world now, in our country, you hear people committing suicide, because they have lost hope and therefore whatever we can do to encourage them to keep faith in God, to trust in God, we will continue to do it, and I think a pastoral visit like this is such a thing that can encourage the Christian community and so I very happy that I have come” he stated

He further commented on the intention of the parish to invite him to their proposed centenary celebration next year, saying ” so we look forward to the centenary celebration of the parish hopefully next year, we will be here to celebrate it in a big way, 100years is no joke, it’s a clear sign that the church in our Archdiocese is taking roots and St Andrew’s is one of the big roots that we have, so celebrating their 100 years, I think it’s something great, some thing that we need to celebrate and thank God for, we look forward to that” he reiterated.

Similarly, the new Parish Priest of St Andrew’s Kakuri, Very Rev Fr. Sylvester Gadani while describing the 2 day pastoral visit, as ” wonderful,” said ” honestly, the Bishop has been so inspiring anywhere, not just here, wherever he goes, you can see people moving, because of the inspiration, the way he handle issues, you can see people growing in the spirit and in faith”

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While thanking God and commending the Archbishop for the wedding solemnization of 22 couples, 168 confirmed and the commission of 3 Eucharist Ministers, said ” so the parish is growing, so we keep on praying that by the grace of God there will be more of such visits, that is why, I told him it wouldn’t be long, we will surely invite him for one thing or the other” he said.

According to him, his target in a parish like this, is the spiritual growth of the parish community, evident by their attendance to masses/ parish activities, hardwork, peace and unity in parish, especially, the various groups and societies in the parish among others.

In the same vein, the Parish Pastoral Council Chairman, Comrade Everest Chibuzo Uche , also described the 2 day visit as a “wonderful thing” to the parish adding that the Archbishop’s visit basically is to strengthen our faith, so that as confirmed Catholics, with the help of Holy Spirit, we can become true witnesses of the Gospel to others, to also make then good Christians and good Catholics.

He urged parishioners to take advantage of the visit and sacraments administered by the the Archbishop to close ranks and live in peace and unity to move the parish to greater heights, ” we should see one another as a Family, we should help the less privileged in our midst, be a tool to help fellow parishioners in need, and prove we are one as a parish community” he added.


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